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Teacher Appreciation Ideas for a Theme – YOU are INCREDIBLE!!!

Bulletin Board PDF File

(Pre-note: All the files I created, I printed through Alphagraphics in Bountiful.  Grant, the owner, was exceptional to work with and I never print anywhere else.   Also, I will include all the PDF’s later today after I work on this year’s Teacher Appreciation, I am in charge of, that comes in just under 2 weeks.  A different theme with loads of fun that I will  post about next year.  Lots of files to finish making and details to go over.  Each picture you see on here will have a PDF file to go along with it.  Each file is press quality.  None of that grainy stuff.  I am a print snob.)

Eagle Bay Elementary Teachers and Staff are INCREDIBLE!!!!  They really are.  Back in 2009, because of circumstances beyond the person’s control, and with less than 2 weeks to the event, Teacher/Staff Appreciation had no one in charge of it.  I decided that being PTA Treasurer was a cushy job (LOL!!!) and that I could head up this event with no problem.  I wanted to create a theme that was fun, easy to work with, and had endless possibilities.  Somewhere on the internet, (I don’t remember as it was 3 years ago) I found someone’s post on a blog that showed they had used The Incredibles when they decorated their Teacher’s Door.  As soon as I saw that, the ideas started flying and what you see is the result of my imagination and love for the Teachers and Staff.

This is a sample of what the door kits I made looked like.  I made sure to make the kits ahead of time, so that it was a simple task of just hanging them up.  It is easier to get people to volunteer to hang up door kits than it is to get them to volunteer to come up with an idea all by themselves and then put it up.

Instructions PDF File

Isn’t it cool that we can find just about any font we want on the internet now?  The have an Incredibles font which I used to make these signs.  There are some that I made specific to individuals, all the rest had this.

Our Teacher is Incredible PDF

This is the Pow that was used to put behind the teachers to get the more super hero affect.  It was cute.

Pows PDF file

I created a special poem to the teachers and used it for their doors.  These are my true feelings of how much I love teachers.  Growing up in a divorced family, I stayed after school a lot and was the teacher’s helper.  In Elementary, I would stay after school and go around to the different teachers to see if they needed my help.  I grew to love them and their kindness towards me influenced my decision that I wanted to be a teacher someday.  This poem is from my viewpoint of what I saw growing up from Elementary through High School.  My favorite High School teacher, Mrs. Thompson, became a really great mentor to me and even gave me her clothes she didn’t want anymore, which I LOVED!!!  You have to understand that all the girls in high school, even the popular ones, which I was NOT a part of, envied her.  The reason?  She NEVER wore the same outfit to school twice.  EVER!!!  They even kept track of it one year, which I thought was hilarious.  That is how many cute and stylish clothes she had.  Then you had me, whose mother didn’t have a lot of money and we did our shopping at the D.I., which didn’t bother me at all but I got teased incessantly about it from those popular girls.  I think I had even purchased one of their outfits one time and they knew it. (I realize this is becoming a extrememly long side note, but it’s important to my feelings on teachers. )  So, back to the story, my Senior year, Mrs. Thompson approached me and asked if I would like to have her clothes she wasn’t using anymore.  Imagine, if you possibly can, my thrill and excitement that I would get her clothes and that I would get to wear them at school, AND that those same girls who teased me, who wanted her clothes, would KNOW they were Mrs. Thompsons!!!!  The irony was beyond my wildest imagination.  She was an AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, kind hearted, and caring teacher, whom I love and I am still in contact with today.  Thank you, Mrs. Thompson, for your kindness towards one girl, and for making my life a little bit better my Senior year because of your thoughtful act of charity towards me.

Teacher Poem PDF file

I made this sign for the bottom of the door as a signature that this was from the students in their class.

Dashes and Violets PDF file

For each Teacher/Staff person I made them into either a Mrs. Incredible or a Mr. Incredible.  All the women loved that they looked skinny and tall . . .

. . . and all the guys loved that they looked buff and super strong.

We had a number of teachers who were pregnant or who had just had a baby, so on their doors I included a little Jack Jack.  All the rest of the doors had just the teacher or teachers who were in that classroom.

Jack Jack PDF file

For the Principal, Vice Principal, Secretaries, Custodians, Lunch Ladies, and all Specialist, I made their signs more individualized.

I thought it would be cute and appropriate to have our Principal, Mrs. Wade be the lady who seemed to be in charge of all the Super Heros, well, at least their clothing for sure.  Mrs. Wade LOVED it!

I always like to include the Officer who works with our school when I do these things.  Officer Winkleman thought this was the neatest thing he had ever seen and couldn’t recall a time he was ever included in the Teacher/Staff Appreciation week.  Don’t forget your Officer who works so closely with the kids!!

Attached to the thank you gift of movie tickets to the Kaysville Theatre, we had the little thank you note as seen below.

Thank you notes PDF file

On the Wednesday, while the teachers were off having some free time to themselves, I had a helper in each room come in and help the students fill out a paper telling the Teachers and Staff why the students thought they were Incredible.  We put them together and gave them to the teachers and staff the next day.  A copy of it will be pictured below.

Our Teacher is Incredible Student Notes PDF

PLEASE REMEMBER that I worked hard on these and to direct people back to my blog.  Please do not re-post onto your own. Thank you for respecting the creativity and copyright.

School Trouble

I thought I would share my experience this year with school starting just in case someone out there is having a similar problem.  I have a first grader this year.  All summer we have talked about starting school again, going ALL DAY and eating lunch at school.  He has been so excited – and so have I! 🙂  The first day he came home a little irritable and tired.  I was thinking it may be a tough transition but so far so good.  The second day was okay and so was the third.  After the weekend I had to wake him up to get ready.  Where was the excitement???  He was not happy.  I had to put him in the car (someone else’s car for carpool) and send him off crying.  And the truth is I was almost in tears as well!  He has done this before and usually calms down by the time he gets to school and ends up being just fine.  However, this day was different.  He would not go to class.  My friend had to walk him in and sit with him and then he still wouldn’t stay.  After about a 1/2 hour (I still can’t believe she was nice enough to sit with him that long without calling me!), she took him to the office because he would run out of class after her when she tried to leave.  What is that?  Running out of class?  I should mention that I usually don’t have any problems with this child.  This is completely out of character!  However, this particular child has a tough time with change and going to school all day is a big change!

I tried to figure out if it was the new teacher, the new building this year, going to school ALL DAY, or just going to school period that was the problem.  I decided it was all of the above and he is going to need some time to adjust.  I came up with a chart for him for the first 2 weeks of school.  He gets a sticker each day he goes without a problem.  If he gets 10 in a row, he gets to pick out a prize.  I decided to go the positive reinforcement route and so far it’s working!  I did set down some guidelines.  For example, this is only for the first 2 weeks to get him used to going and then he is going to have to be big and go on his own.  I have had to remind him a couple of times about the chart but so far he has gone to school every morning with little effort.  Hopefully, he will adjust and go with a smile on his face soon!  After all, going to school ALL DAY is a big deal.  He is starting to come around.  He actually asked me if he had school this morning and seemed a little disappointed that he didn’t.

Welcome Back to School!!

Are you exited your child or children are back in school?  Or is it a stressful time for you?  Do you find that you don’t quite have it together yet and are wondering when you will?  I wanted to give everyone a few reminders that we have talked about in the past that are very relevant to this time of year.  Remember that as your children’s schedules change, so does yours.  Routines are a vital part of having your household running smooth and stress free.  However, many people forget to adjust their routine as a new part of life happens.  Whether that’s because of school time, having a baby, a new job, a new place to live, or a combination of all of them,  you are always having to look at your routine and decided if it is still effective.  You may have to change your routine all together, or maybe you might have to just tweak it a little.  Remembering to address this can take a lot of stress out of your life and your children’s lives too.


My oldest son is in Jr. High now and has a hard time adjusting when it comes to time management.  With more homework loaded on, practice time with his instrument, and his chores at home, it has been a struggle this last week.  He did not realize that his play time has been significantly reduced if he leaves all of this to do after school.  By adjusting what he does in the morning, he can then produce more free time for himself later on.  This is not something that most children think about all on their own.


Challenge:  Take some one on one time to sit down with your child and talk about their daily routine.  Let them write down what they do everyday.  Help them to see where they can move items around to produce more free time for themselves.  Ultimately, this is what every child wants more of, yet has a hard time figuring out how to do it without their grades suffering in the process.


Most of all remember to have fun, at least once a day, with your child.  School time doesn’t have to be crazy and out of control.  You can do it and have fun in the process!