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Time for Families – Words that Build Up!

Last week I needed a quick idea for Family Home Evening.  I was so grateful for the Friend that is put out by the LDS Church.  What a great resource for us busy moms!  I found an article on words that build up instead of tearing down.  Perfect for my family as I listened to them fight and not talk nicely to each other over the past few days.  Even I have lost my patience and haven’t said things to my kids in the nicest tone or way.  Here is what we did for our Family Home Evening and it turned out great!

Opening Song:  When There’s Love at Home

Opening Prayer:

Lesson: “Words that Build Up!”, The Friend, January 2010

I discussed the story by asking how we are doing as a family with how we talk to each other.  We ran through some examples that we’ve seen in the family.  Both in ways we have built each other up and ways we have torn each other down.  We discussed how powerful words can be and how they can make you feel.

Activity/Challenge:  I cut out the picture from the friend article and attached it to the top of my pantry.  I had my 6 year old help cut out paper strips for a paper chain before FHE.  I explained to the family that during the week we were going to work on how we talked to each other.  When we treat each other nicely, we add a paper chain to “build our family up”.  If we are not nice, a chain is torn away (although, we did say that if a person were to apologize, and mean it, we wouldn’t take off a chain).  Our goal was to build our chain until it reached the floor.  The reward is to go out for icecream as a family.  Everyone was very excited!

Scripture and Closing prayer:

Game:  We played a game as a family and I was amazed at how they were willing to share and take turns!

Treat:  I made a quick treat since I was running out of time, but it would be fun to make smores or icecream sundaes.  Somthing that the family can “build up”.