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Pin the Kiss on Cupid

I was sooooo excited to create this little game from Tricia’s way cute Cupid.  I think your children will love being able to put the Kiss on Cupid.  Play it the same way you would any game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  Have fun this week and enjoy your children. Extra Hugs and Kisses makes a world of difference, even if they act like they don’t want them. 😉

Pin the Kiss on Cupid Large e-mail view

Pin the Kiss on Cupid PDF file (12×18) size

Valentine’s Day Bingo for Kindergarten – 2nd grade

Kisses and Hugs!!!!  

Isn’t that a great name for a Bingo game? I think so.  This is a great idea for your younger school age children to be able to play in their classroom.  Tricia made all the graphics and design on this one when she made her Be Mine Bingo game for older children.  I am in charge of my Kindergarten age child Valentine’s Day party and I really wanted to play the Bingo game but new it would be too hard if I used the Be Mine version.  So I made a 4×4 square size that would be perfect for those cutie pies.

Since I always print my stuff at Alphagraphics, Madison has introduced me to a FABULOUS product called Duraflex.  It has saved me time and money.  It reminds of me thin credit card paper.  I can print my stuff on this and I don’t have to laminate it afterwards.  Now who doesn’t want to save a step of preparation? I do!!!  I have started to print all my games on this and I am in heaven.  It doesn’t tear and you can get it wet without your ink being ruined.  Really, are you in heaven yet too?  The only time I am going to laminate that stuff, and you can, is if I want to write on it with dry erase markers or permanent markers.  Then I laminate it so I can have that effect, otherwise you will ruin it because the marker will not come off Duraflex, even with rubbing alcohol.

Believe me . .

I tested it for myself.

Learn from my mistake.

So, in case any of you would like to try it as well, I have included a PDF specifically for that purpose.  The sheets come in 12×18 size and that is what the file is formatted for.

We also have a post on creating a Heart Attack Door for your loved ones and many other fun ideas.  Check out our February category for more.

Enjoy! Have fun and don’t forget your thank you’s.  😉

Card #1 Large e-mail view

Kisses & Hugs Bingo Game 8.5×11 PDF

Cards 13-16 Large e-mail view

Kisses & Hugs Bingo Game 5×7 PDF

Duraflex Bingo Kisses Page 1 Large e-mail view

Duraflex Kisses & Hugs Bingo Game 5×7 PDF

Duraflex Kisses and Hugs Cards 1-2 Large e-mail view

Duraflex Kisses & Hugs Bingo Game 8.5×11 PDF

(Coming soon)

Memorial Day – Rememberance Hearts


Honor the life well spent of your loved one with this new tradition idea!

Six years ago, Carrie’s family experienced the loss of a loved one.  Out of that time in her life, she came up with the Remembrance Hearts.  I have loved them and used them ever since.  She wanted to leave something at the grave site that was personal and would show her love and respect for her grandpa.  Below is a picture of what she did.

Such a simple idea that speaks volumes to those we have loved and miss deeply in our lives.  You can use this heart separate on it’s own or put it into a planter or flowers that you are leaving at the grave site.

Remembrance Hearts PDF

Cut and paste a photo of your family, your loved one, or you in the white box.  With a black marker, write who you are giving this to under the words “We Love You”.  For example, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, etc.  Laminating the heart will help the planter last throughout the year.

Cut out the heart with scissors, or use scrapbook scissors to make a decorated edge.  Tape a bamboo skewer to the back with pointed edge down.  Stick in a pot of flowers or place directly on grave site.

Our heart is perfect for placing in flowers for a funeral or decorating the grave of your loved ones as well as on Memorial Day.  Each heart is 8×10 and has a special space reserved for a family picture or a picture of your loved one

Lucky the Leprechaun Neighborhood Packet

Here is another great fun idea for today.  Do you have anyone who is new to the neighborhood or even just someone you want to tell them how much you appreciate them?  This Lucky packet is perfect for just such an occasion.

Use the small Lucky pictures, put in a small name badge holder with a little gold dust in side it.  You can use the gold coins included in here, purchase some plastic gold coins, or use a real gold dollar. Sprinkle gold dust around the coin as you put it on the door step. Ring the doorbell, run and hide, and don’t get caught! To prevent fighting over LUCKY’s coin, you can add chocolates and extra new pennies for all the children in the house.

I have included a picture of what it can look like if you want to put it on their doorstep.  This is a perfect way to end such a lucky day for the whole family!  Thanks to Tricia who created this back in 2008.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!!

Lucky the Leprechaun Neighborhood Packet

FHE – Where is it in the Scriptures?

The children are studying the scriptures this year in primary.  They have been learning about the standard works.  What are the standard works?  What books are included in the standard works?  Where are certain scripture stories found?  All of these questions will be answered in their studies in primary this year.  The very first lesson in the manual for the senior primary discussed what each book in the standard works is and what they contain.  Here is an outline:

Opening Song:  Scripture Power  ( You can find it here –,17631,6506-1,00.html)

Opening Prayer:

Scripture:  Mark 12:24  Why would it be an error to not know the scriptures?  Why are they important?


Start by asking what the scriptures are.  Discuss what the word Standard Works means.

In The Guide to the Scriptures found on the following definitions are found:

Standard Works is defined as:  A recognized, authoritative collection of sacred books. In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the canonical books are called the standard works and include the Old and New Testaments, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price.

Scriptures are defined as:  Words, both written and spoken, by holy men of God when moved upon by the Holy Ghost. The official canonized scriptures of the Church today consist of the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price. Jesus and the writers of the New Testament regarded the books of the Old Testament as scripture (Matt. 22:29John 5:392 Tim. 3:152 Pet. 1:20–21).

Why is it important that we teach from the scriptures?  The scriptures were written by prophets.  They are the word of God.  He wants us to return to live with Him.  In order to do that we must make the right choices.  To know which choices are right we must study His words and follow His example.

Which books are in the Standard Works?

The Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price.  What is the purpose of each book?  Who wrote them and who are the stories about?

The Old Testament was written before the birth of Jesus Christ.  It testifies that he would be born and tells the stories of those that lived before His time.

The New Testament tells of His life here on earth and what happened following His death.  By reading the New Testament we can become better acquainted with our Savior.  We can learn from His example and gain a testimony that He lived and that He lives today.

The Book of Mormon was written about those on the American Continent both before the birth of the Savior, during His life and following His resurrection.

The Pearl of Great Price tells us of our premortal existence, of the purpose of our life here on earth as well as our potential in the life to come.  You can also find Joseph Smith History in the Pearl of Great Price.

* It is important that children learn where these books are in the standard works and why they are so important.


Start by looking up the beginning of each book.  Show them where they are and talk about the books that are in them.   Then use the article I listed above.  Print out the very last page.  You will need a copy for each child.  Do the coloring activity.  Even older children would benefit from the discussion that will come as you do this activity.  They can either color their own or help their younger siblings.  See if they know all the answers! 🙂  As you go through each story and decide which book it is in, discuss again what that books teaches us.  For example, Nephi and the broken bow is found in the Book of Mormon.  The Book of Mormon took place before, during and after the Savior’s life.  It teaches of the people on the American Continent.  This story happened before the birth of the Savior.

Go through each story and where it written.  Discuss how important it is to be familiar with the scriptures.  You may want to have your older children look up the story so they can show the family where it is located.

Bear testimony of the scriptures and the importance of studying them each day.  Tell your children you will be studying each one of the stories in detail in future Family Home Evenings so they can be more familiar with the teachings of the scriptures.

Closing Prayer


For the next few weeks study each one of the stories listed on the activity.  It is so important to teach our children from the scriptures even if they are very young.  Kids of all ages love stories!

The Seventeen Second Miracle

While reading Jason Wright’s new book “The Seventeen Second Miracle” and after listening to President Monson’s talk on gratitude, I was inspired with an idea for my family.  If any of you haven’t read the book, then you really should.  I totally loved it.  I bought each member of my family a little notebook and made a sticker cover for it as shown below.  After reading the story in the book of Rex, Sparks, and Flick, and relating the story of his first encounter with the lady at Woolworth’s I talked to our family of the importance of taking just 17 seconds out of your day to do something for someone else.  I even had a stopwatch and had everyone be silent while 17 seconds ticked away.  To some it seemed a long time and to others it was very short.

I then challenged each one to write down an act of kindness that was given to them that day and put the date.  We each will keep track of our own little miracles that happen to us and after one month we will come back and talk about how it made us feel as we contemplated one act of kindness given to us that day.  I also challenged them to make sure they gave 17 seconds of their life to someone else each day for a month as well.  As stated in the book, the journal is only for recording the blessings given to you from someone else, not what you did for someone that day.  I then talked about President Monson’s talk and how he related that “gratitude not expressed is like wrapping a present and then not giving it”.

Challenging our family to be more grateful, I bore my testimony of how powerful 17 seconds can be.  It can even change someone’s life.

I loved conference and the powerful messages that were given from our Heavenly Father through His servants!  What inspiration flowed through chosen vessels those two days.

For those of you who are willing to take the challenge I issued to my family, let me know. I would love to see how many of you loved it as much as I did.  After 2 weeks I would like you to comment on how it went with yourself or your family.  All those who let me know will have their name entered into a drawing for a Valentine’s Love Notes Packet. I will draw out two names.  (There are 21 different Love Notes in the packet.  See a copy of it below these pictures.)

Valentine’s Love Notes Packet

Fun Thanksgiving Ideas – Our Gratitude Tree

In 2007, I made a Gratitude Tree for my family in order to celebrate Thanksgiving all month long.  I am excited to give it to you early so that you have time to print it off and get it ready for your family to start November 1st.  There are three sizes available.  Small, Medium, & Large.  These all need to be pieced together and then laminated.  I sized it so the Large Tree will fit through the wide laminate machine at Alphagraphics.

Cut out each leaf and the tree parts.  Assemble the tree to match the cover page tree.  Place on a wall or some other easy to access area in your home.  On Thanksgiving day have everyone fill out a leaf of what they are grateful for and place it on the tree.

Another great idea is to speak about how life without gratitude is bare and ugly and sad and pitiful, like the sad tree.  Everyday, starting November 1st, pick a leaf and write on it something you’re thankful for, no matter what it may be, and tape it on the tree.  Then talk about how adding each leaf adds a measure of happiness to it’s life.  When the tree is full the abundance of joy is overflowing and it is beautiful to look at.

There are also some acorns that you can use to go with your tree.  I put each of my family members picture on there and put them on the tree as well.  You can print out the ones I have put on here for you and add your own cut out picture to it.  If you are really ambitious, then you can email me your pictures at and I will graphically insert your pictures in there for you and email you back a PDF you can print.  (Yes, I might be a little crazy, but it’s one of my 17 second miracles I am choosing to do for you and your family.  If you’ve read the book then you know what I am talking about.)








FHE – Be prepared in case of fire

I was reading the paper yesterday and I couldn’t believe how many natural disasters there were world wide.  Most of the time we see these on the news or read about them and think they are so far from home that we don’t really need to worry about it here.  That is not true!  The people we read about all over the world thought the same thing before they were living it.  We need to be prepared.  Now is the time!  The scriptures say if we are prepared we need not fear.  Because of the fires that have happened locally recently, I decided to start with what to do in a fire.

If there was a natural disaster, fire, or any other kind of emergency and you had a short time to evacuate what would you take with you?  Have you ever thought about it in detail?  I’m sure a lot of us have thought it about once or twice.  I know we all value our computers these days because most of us have our family movies and photos stored on them.  What else would you want to grab if you had to evacuate quickly?

Take some time tonight to discuss this with your family.  Use our Emergency Check List (see below) to decide what your family values and what you would save if you had time.  It is very important to have a plan.  Create a Fire Escape Plan (see below) for your family.  This could be used in a fire or in any type of disaster.  Make sure you have a meeting place.  Help them to feel safe.  Have a couple of “drills” this week so they will remember what do in a fire.

Here is a suggested outline:

Opening song:  I Feel My Savior’s Love p. 74


Discuss that because our Savior loves us he wants us to be prepared for emergencies.

Scripture:  D&C 38:30  (“if ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.”)

Lesson:  Discuss the EMERGENCY CHECK LIST and create your Fire Escape Plan.

Activity:  Have a fire drill and run through it a couple of times.  It really will help if they ever need to use it if they have actually been through the motions.

Closing Prayer:

Treat:  Strawberry Shortcake

Conversation Cards – Houses & Architecture

I know I have been forgetting to post my conversation cards, so I have decided to fix that problem.  This week talks about Houses and Architecture.  I thought some of these questions were quite good and could bring about some good conversations.  Enjoy!

 Houses & Architecture

FHE – Family Council

I hope you are having a fabulous holiday weekend!  August was a little crazy for us.  Getting ready for school, back to school night, and starting school (and all that comes with that!) has been very busy.  I hope you and your kids are back into the swing of things at your house.  Now is a great time to start Family Council back up if you have let it go for the summer like we have. 🙂  With hectic schedules starting back up it is important for everyone in the family to be on the same page.  I’m finding with our sports, activities, school and homework we are needing to set some ground rules!

I am attaching Family Council Sheets for you to use as a reference for your family council meetings.  Begin by setting rules for your family council.  Let everyone know this is their BIG chance to participate in making decisions, setting the schedule and having a say in what your family does.  Each family member should feel important and like they have a voice at family council.  This is also a great time to set some goals for the month.  I suggest having family council AT LEAST once a month.  Having a calendar session every Monday before you begin family home evening could also be very helpful in keeping everyone on track.  You can also hold family council on Sunday if that works better for your family.

Always begin and end family council with a prayer.  The first Monday of every month could be designated Family Council night.  You may want to add a spiritual thought or family activity as well.  Even just having a game night following the meeting will bring your family closer together.  When having family council take the opportunity to teach your children.  Concerns may come up that will be a great teaching opportunity.  Don’t miss out on these.  Make sure you take the opportunity to praise your family for good things that have happened since the last family council.  Give everyone the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings on what is good about your family and what is working.   Set goals and follow through.  Family council can be a very powerful teaching tool.  It is a great opportunity to share your testimonies, to be positive with your children (sometimes I feel like all I do is nag!), and to set some goals for improvement.  Family Council is a great place for your family to reconnect.  Life is so busy make the most out of Monday nights!

Here is a fabulous article from the church on Family Council:   Family Council Article

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