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March Fun Traditions – Cake Walk

I know Tricia made some cupcake walk numbers last year but I really felt in the mood to create some of my own. (Here is a link to hers.)I love doing a cupcake walk with classroom parties or even for my own family. It’s fun and enjoyable and everyone comes away with something yummy to eat. You could even use this for a FHE activity as it gets closer to St. Patrick’s Day.

Print on Cardstock, Cut, and Laminate!
Tape number cards to the floor in a circle with
clear packing tape.
Start your music and let the game begin!
Everyone walks in a circle following the number cards while the music plays. When the music stops everyone stops on a number on the floor.  Using the small numbers included in this packet, pull one out of a bowl, leprechaun hat, or pot of gold, the number you draw is the WINNER.

March Cake Walk Game