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Pin the Kiss on Cupid

I was sooooo excited to create this little game from Tricia’s way cute Cupid.  I think your children will love being able to put the Kiss on Cupid.  Play it the same way you would any game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  Have fun this week and enjoy your children. Extra Hugs and Kisses makes a world of difference, even if they act like they don’t want them. 😉

Pin the Kiss on Cupid Large e-mail view

Pin the Kiss on Cupid PDF file (12×18) size

March Fun Traditions – Cake Walk

I know Tricia made some cupcake walk numbers last year but I really felt in the mood to create some of my own. (Here is a link to hers.)I love doing a cupcake walk with classroom parties or even for my own family. It’s fun and enjoyable and everyone comes away with something yummy to eat. You could even use this for a FHE activity as it gets closer to St. Patrick’s Day.

Print on Cardstock, Cut, and Laminate!
Tape number cards to the floor in a circle with
clear packing tape.
Start your music and let the game begin!
Everyone walks in a circle following the number cards while the music plays. When the music stops everyone stops on a number on the floor.  Using the small numbers included in this packet, pull one out of a bowl, leprechaun hat, or pot of gold, the number you draw is the WINNER.

March Cake Walk Game