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The Candy Bar Game – Fun New Twist

My sister Raquel has been kindly reminding me that I haven’t played the candy bar game with my children.  I have played the candy bar game with them, just not the one she wanted me to. Well, finally I told her to write it down for me when she was here last time.

After I looked at it, I realized, HELLO!!!! This looks like a blast!

I should have listened to her a while ago.  So I said, “You know I am going to jazz this up a little and put in on my blog, right?”  (I can’t handle just writing on a dice. My handwriting isn’t pretty in the first place, and it looks unfinished in the second place.)  So, here is what I came up with and I am pretty happy, I have to say!

Here are the instructions:

Items Needed:

Candy Bar Die

Brown paper sack for each person playing

Bowl for extra candy

2 candy bars or candy items per person

Extra candy


Everyone needs to choose 2 of their favorite candy bars or candy products and then the rest are placed in a bowl in the center of the playing area.  I suggest using Halloween candy at this time of the year.  Throw in a couple of King Size too.  Have them place their candy in the brown paper sack. Choose who will go first and decide on a time limit.  We started with 10 minutes and then my children were begging for 5 more minutes at the end.  15 minutes is a great time.  It seems like a long time but it goes by so fast!

The person roles the die and does what it says.  It’s pretty self explanatory what you do.  The “Pass to the Right” means you pass your whole sack to the right.  The “Take From A Neighbor” means the person gets to put out both hands to the side and take a candy from his neighbor on his right and left. “Guess A Bar” means you have to guess correctly what someone else has in their bag, if you are correct, you get it, if you are wrong, then too bad for you! If a person rolls “Take Bowl” and there is no candy in it, then they just pass the dice to the next person. “Add to Bowl” means you take one candy from your sack and add it to the bowl. “Trade Sacks” means you get to choose someone else you want to trade sacks with. (Only the person who rolled the dice trades sacks with one other person.)

At the end of the game everyone gets to keep the bag they are left with.  I LOVED playing this because you really can not predict what bag you will get at the end of the game.  My 3 year old was surprisingly calm and thought the game was so much fun.  He would cheer when he got to switch bags and never cried or complained about his empty bag.  We will definitely be playing this game at Thanksgiving and Christmas time.  My son has a birthday party coming up this Saturday and they will be playing it at that too!  It’s also a great stand by for a FHE activity.  This is a great V.T. gift for Christmas too!  I will be creating a tag, this weekend, you can use if you decide to give it to other people.

I have created various different sizes for you.  We used the 1.25 Size Dice and it was perfect for the smaller kids because they could see it well.  You can get pre-made dice at an craft store, not all of them have all the sizes though.  I sized them so they do not go right to the edge, to prevent the paper edges from catching on people’s fingers or other items.  Print on crack-n-peel and then laminate for sturdiness.  (See my past post on how to laminate stickers one sided.) I like to spray paint my dice before I put the stickers on to create a great finished look.