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Fun Friday – Birthday Coupons

Yes, I think I am the coupon queen when it comes to holidays and birthdays.  I just LOVE giving them out for people to use.  So when I came up with the Father’s Day and Mother’s Day coupons, I thought, why not birthdays?  My children love their birthday wall of fame, but they love the coupons even more.  Every year they take those off first.  This year, I didn’t put them up and what happened?  The first thing they asked me was, where’s my coupons?  It made me laugh and feel good at the same time that they see it as a tradition.  So here they are, use them, and enjoy them.

Birthday Coupons

We created this artwork “JUST FOR YOU!”

For personal use in your OWN HOME ONLY and NOT

for RESALE . . . It’s got our copyright!

If you would like to share, please refer them to THIS blog!