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Anyone have a Cub Scouter?

I finally decided the other day I was a crazy Cub Scout Leader and I wrote an email to my cub parent’s to let them know that.  Here is the email I sent:

O.k. I am thinking here, as I enter the awards for my wolves, “How nice would it be to know if one of my cub scouts earns the Art Belt loop, which other requirements or electives that also counts for in their Wolf Book.”  So of course I do an internet search, cause I can’t just let it go at that, and find a website that lists them individually, except you have to click on each belt loop to see the related awards.  So what do I do?  Of course I create a document that has it all in one place.  I promise I have other better things to do.  I guess I just hyper focus on stuff sometimes.  So here it is, in case you were wondering too.  Probably not, heehee, but hey, it comes in handy!  This lists them from Tiger Scout through Webelos Scout.  I should just create my own little scout blog that has all these on there, I am sure other leaders would find them handy.  Does that make me a professional scouter?  Anyway, enjoy!

So then was thinking last night, I have a blog I can post this on, I don’t have to create a separate blog.  Here are just a few things I have put together for my cub scouts throughout the many years I have been a Bear and Wolf leader.  All my parents find them very helpful and I have to say I AM proud of what I did.  If you find it helpful as well, please leave a comment letting me know.  It’s just nice to know that the work I do is appreciated by other people.  Also, please respect all my hard work and direct people to our blog instead of posting it on other blogs.  Thanks a bunch!!

Cub Scout Belt Loop_Page_1

Cub Scout Belt Loop Check Off Sheet.pdf – This is a compilation of all the Belt Loop requirements in a check sheet style.  All in one place, no more looking them up online!
Cub Scout Pins_Page_01
Cub Scout Pins Check Off Sheet.pdf – This is a compilation of all the Pin requirements in a check sheet style.  All in one place, no more looking them up online!
Related Awards for Beltloops and Pin_Page_01
Related Awards for Beltloops and Pin.pdf – This is what I did just recently and it gives a list of all the related requirements and achievements that relate to specific belt loops and pins.  Like a cross reference sheet of what else earning the belt loop and pin counts for.  Tiger through Webelos.


Extra Cub Scout Patches and Awards to Earn.pdf – This is a compilation of all the extra Patches a Cub Scout can earn while in the program.  Tiger through Webelos.
Primary Faith in God program requirements_Page_1
Primary Faith in God program requirements.pdf – This is a compilation of all the Faith in God requirements and how they cross reference to each of the Cub Scout books.  Tiger through Webelos.  I found this years ago, when I was just doing this for me as a parent of a cub scout,  someplace that I can’t remember.  I feel bad I can’t give the credit where it’s due.  I cleaned it up a little and made it less pages.
Patches that pass off Acheivements_Page_1
Patches that Pass of Achievements.pdf – This helps you understand what achievements can be passed if when they earn certain patches.