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YW Binders idea

Going along with our theme this year, I created binder covers for each of the leaders.  They turned out fun and cute and I am sharing the idea with you.  If you would like one, please leave a comment and I will put the PDF’s on mediafire where you can download them.


YW Binder Covers and Spine Inserts

YW – Theme introduction “Arise and Shine Forth and Create your own Happily Ever After”

We really felt impressed, as a Presidency, to include President Uchtdorf’s talk on Happily Ever After in with our Arise and Shine Forth theme for the year.  It’s really a great theme that can be molded to your own group of girls.  We all need to Arise and Shine Forth on different areas in our life.  Here is a small handout that we did and gave out to each girl the second Sunday in January.  They all really enjoyed and and became excited about the year.  You are welcome to take it and use it, but please send a link back to our blog if you repost it.

Happily Ever After PDF

Young Women – Ways to celebrate birthdays

I have only been in Young Women’s now for 1 week and I love it already!!!!  There is so much girl stuff I get to do and create and have fun with.  WOW!!!! Plus girls camp!!!!! I am in heaven.

Our Presidency wanted to do something a little bit different for birthdays so we decided on a yard sign.  So far, the reception by the girls has been fun.  We even included the leaders in it to.  When it’s their birthday, their leader puts up this sign in their yard, very early in the morning.  We use a black permanent marker to write their name below the Happy Birthday wish. (This sign has been laminated so that we can erase the marker using rubbing alcohol.)  It’s so fun to recognize, with such a simple small thing, each girl as their birthdays come around.

We made sure each group had their own sign.  The counselor and advisor designated between themselves who would be responsible for putting it up each time.  I even snuck in a leaders birthday, yesterday, and she loved it.  I just called one of the other Presidency to go put it in her yard.

Remember, the point is to have fun and recognize each girl individual ON their birthday, in a simple and fun way.

(I used Katie Castillo’s Just So Scrappy – Happy Days Digital Scrapbook Elements along with background papers that I can’t quite place yet.  The pictures I got somewhere off the web.)


(I printed these as a 12×18 size, but the file is an 11×17 PDF.)

Happy Birthday Yard Sign 11×17 Size PDF