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General Conference BINGO – Younger Children Version PART 2!

It seems I am just posting Conference to Conference. Hey, at least I am posting…. I finally created the rest of the Younger Children Version Bingo Cards.  I have included in this post all the new ones, plus a full set version, and also a full set version of the 5×7 size.  Please enjoy these cards as much as my family does.  It is the highlight of listening to Conference every year for my younger children.  My oldest one has quite using these, but my almost 15 year old still participates.  It’s not for everyone, but we enjoy it as a family.  Have a wonderful conference weekend!

As with all our creations on My Heart & Home, they take a LONG time to create.  

PLEASE, please, please, do not copy my work.  I would appreciate a link to be shared or posted on your blog, back to my blog. Or you can use the facebook, twitter, etc. links down below.

Younger Grade Conference Card 1 618x800

PDF File

Younger Children Version General Conference Bingo 8.5×11 Size cards 7-24

Younger Children Version General Conference Bingo 8.5×11 Size cards FULL SET

Younger Age Bingo Cards 1-6 800x618

PDF File

Younger Children Version General Conference Bingo 5×7 Size cards 7-14

Younger Children Version General Conference Bingo 5×7 Size cards 15-20

Younger Children Version General Conference Bingo 5×7 Size cards 21-24

Younger Children Version General Conference Bingo 5×7 Size cards FULL SET

Please remember that these took close to 100 hours of work to make and I would love for you to share them with your friends and family, but please give them our blog address instead of pasting, copying, or otherwise taking credit for them. 

I love sharing with you all and appreciate your comments last time I did this.  Print and laminate them now so you are all ready when Conference comes this weekend!!

General Conference Bingo Pre-School Version Post

General Conference Bingo Pre-School Version Original Version Post

General Conference Bingo Pre-School Version Original Version Part 2

General Conference Bingo Young Children Version Original Post

General Conference BINGO – Younger Children Version

Since last Conference, I have been wanting to make a version of my Conference BINGO that is for kids older than Pre-School but not quite ready for the original version.  After a week of my family having the flu, including me yesterday, it was amazing that I even got 6 ready.  Yet here they are!!!!!  YEAH!!!  This is for all of you who still are willing to print them no matter how last minute they are.  For now I have 6 boards.  I will work on the others for next Conference.  At least that gives you something to come back for right?

As with all our creations on My Heart & Home, they take a LONG time to create.  

Younger Grade Conference Card 1 618x800

PDF File

Younger Version General Conference Bingo 8.5×11 Size cards 1-6

Younger Age Bingo Cards 1-6 800x618

PDF File

Younger Version General Conference Bingo 5×7 Size cards 1-6

Please remember that these took close to 100 hours of work to make and I would love for you to share them with your friends and family, but please give them our blog address instead of pasting, copying, or otherwise taking credit for them. 

I love sharing with you all and appreciate your comments last time I did this.  Print and laminate them now so you are all ready when Conference comes this weekend!!

General Conference Bingo Pre-School Version Post

General Conference Bingo Pre-School Version Original Version Post

General Conference Bingo Pre-School Version Original Version Part 2

General Conference BINGO – Pre-School Version

I have been wanting to make a Pre-School version of my Conference BINGO and I finally did!!!!!  YEAH!!!  For now, I have 12 Boards, by next conference I will have the other 12, so you can have a total of 24.  As with all our creations on My Heart & Home, they take a LONG time to create.  

Please remember that these took close to 100 hours of work to make and I would love for you to share them with your friends and family, but please give them our blog address instead of pasting, copying, or otherwise taking credit for them. 

I love sharing with you all and appreciate your comments last time I did this.  Print and laminate them now so you are all ready when Conference comes this weekend!!

General Conference Bingo Pre-School Version 8.5×11 Size PDF

General Conference Bingo Pre-School Version 5×7 Size PDF

Someone was kind enough to point out to me that the 3rd Bingo Board had the wrong names attached to the pictures.  Since I HATE leaving anything wrong, even though the pre-school children can’t read it, I fixed it and have given you the individual page below.  I have also fixed the files up above.  The PDF’s below are for those who already downloaded the file previous to my post fix.

FIX for Page 2 of the 5×7 file

Bingo Board 3 fix

Fix for page 3 of the 8.5×11 file

Bingo Board Page 3 fix

Christmas Bingo Pre-School Version!!!

. . . BiNgO . . .

Is One Of Our FaVoRiTe Holiday Traditions!

Our family has enjoyed these creations for a couple of years now.

Below are links to our posts from the past on this game,

and then below that is a new version that Tricia

and I created together for your cute

little pre-schoolers and those a little bit older than

pre-school age.

The Silent Night Bingo is perfect for

Family Home Evening and Family Parties.

The Jingo Bingo is perfect for School Parties.

Don’t forget to yell, JINGO instead of Bingo

when you win or it doesn’t count!

You will also be seeing a preschool version

of each!

Follow the…STAR


(This one is more like Tic Tac Toe, but the little one’s won’t know!)

It’s perfect for short attention spans!

Ho Ho Ho PDF

Ho Ho Ho Calling Cards

You have to say, “HO…HO…HO”…when you

get 3 in a row!

You have to yell the title of each game for it to count!

Christmas Jars!!!!

After reading the book,
“Christmas Jars”
I decided
that I wanted to take the opportunity with
my family to give as the Savior did.
I wanted my boys to have a selfless Christmas.
What an amazing year it turned out to be!
We read the book as a family
and then started filling jars for our neighbors.
Each jar contained 1 roll of pennies….
that was it!
We added a poem to the jar so that
the neighbor’s wouldn’t be left to wonder
what the purpose of a gift of 100 pennies meant.
Here’s the Poem:
A jar of pennies JUST FOR YOU . . .
we really went all out!
But the real meaning of this gift I
A pocket full of change, can be
a heavy thing to pack . . .
So just place it in this little jar,
and remember – NOT TO TAKE IT BACK!
When filled, this jar can CHANGE THE HEART of
someone who is in need.
The story is told in “Christmas Jars”
a book you’ll definitely want to read.
Jars are given in SECRET . . .
just where their CHRISTMAS JAR came from,
or the next place it may go.
So we hope this year you’ll FILL YOUR JAR,
To follow the Savior’s example,
and make Christmas HIS HOLIDAY!
May the TRUE meaning of Christmas be with
you throughout the year!
Tricia O. Smith
Here’s the PDF:
Green Gift Tag:
Here’s the PDF:
Gift Tag:
Here’s the PDF:
Gift Tag
Here’s the PDF for the Gift Tags:
I tied a ribbon to the neck of the jar
and added the gift tag.
This was one of my
favorite neighborhood gifts to give
because I knew it had the potential to
the lives of others in need.
It was truly a blessing for my family! …..

The Nativity Play!!!

Christmas Eve

is my FAVORITE part of Christmas!

I get so ExCiTeD I can hardly stand it.

I love Traditions and Christmas Eve seems to

have some of the best ones.

Our Christmas Eve Traditions consist of:

Games and Prizes

Amazing Food

A Visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus

The Christmas Eve P.J. Parade

 and then the


The Nativity Play

followed by our

Secret Santa Delivery

and an

All Night Hallmark Movie Marathon

Slumber Party with the boys!


I created a new Nativity Set for this one,

and I have to say, IT’S MY FAVORITE!

So here it is, page by page:

We have the kids in the family dress up

and read their parts.

For FHE I made a second set.

This one is one that can be held with little hands

and moved around.

Here they are…

Here’s the PDF:

The Nativity Story Packet PDF

The pieces can be Mod Podged to wood or chipboard.

This would be a fun gift for Visiting Teaching

and Home Teaching.

You could cut and laminate the pieces.

Attach a magnent on the back and use it with a magnetic board,

you could print on magnetic paper. You could

attach them to tongue depressors, or

you could just give them a copy of the story.

Lots of possibilities!

Nativity Story Cards

The Silent Night Memory Game

is a great way to talk to your “littles” about

the TRUE MEANING of Christmas.

I was able to use mine for a Primary Sharing Time.

When they got the match…

I had the child read the Story Card
that goes with that picture.

Here’s what they look like:

Each of the Memory Game Cards

will have a front and a back.

The back side of all of the cards will have

this picture:

The other side will have two of each of the other pictures
shown below.

This is what the Story Cards look like:

I keep these and when a match is made,

I hand it to the one who got the match to read.


Cards can be printed with a front and back side

and laminated,

or they can be printed and attached to

chipboard using Mod Podge and
a sponge brush to attach them.

You can use a wet erase marker to write

numbers on the stars of the back pieces
when the game is played in Primary.
When you’re done…just wipe them off
and start with a fresh set of numbers
every time you play.

Here’s the Memory Game Post:
Nativity Memory Game Blog Post

Nativity Story Cards PDF:

Nativity Story Cards Packet PDF

Nativity Story Card Mary Addition PDF

We are all enlisted – At least we all SHOULD be. Are you?

I know many people are supper excited about the new vampire movie out. I was too until I saw some previews that made me realize that is one movie I WILL NOT see.

Kids-in-mind gives you an great example as to why and what content it has in it. I have included a link below. The movie has a rating of a 6 in Sexuality/Nudity and an 8 in Violance/Gore.  My husband once said to me, “Wow, it sure sounds a lot worse when you read it in words.”  (That was when I was reading the content on a movie that was rated at a 4 in Sexuality/Nudity.)

I think the reality of it is that we have become so desensitized to it visually, that we do not think anything of it now.  It’s become the norm to expect such things in movies, and it’s “just what we have to put up with now if we want to go see a movie.”  Each person needs to make their own decision, but I am reminded of Elder Jeffery R. Holland’s conference talk, from this past conference that I read, to all the Young Men, “We are at war, and the morality of this world is under attack.”

I ask, why should it be any different for Young Women as well??? Why should we teach them, through movies, that certain behavior is OK to view because it’s just a movie? Why should we teach them that just because they read a book, it is OK to see the movie without having a discerning eye towards things that are against morality?

Elder M. Russell Ballard reminds us that:

We can live in the world, brothers and sisters, without letting the world into us. We have the gospel message that can carry men and women buoyantly through the “mist of darkness” (1 Ne. 8:23) to the source of all light. We can raise children who have been taught to discern and to make personal righteous decisions.

I think it is too easy to forget that we ARE at war.  As Elder Holland said:

“Number one, Satan, or Lucifer, or the father of lies—call him what you will—is real, the very personification of evil. His motives are in every case malicious, and he convulses at the appearance of redeeming light, at the very thought of truth. Number two, he is eternally opposed to the love of God, the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and the work of peace and salvation. He will fight against these whenever and wherever he can. He knows he will be defeated and cast out in the end, but he is determined to take down with him as many others as he possibly can.”

I have included links to 2 talks that going along with this subject so well.  Read, study, and pray how it can be applied to your family and your life, then share these with your family this coming Monday for FHE.  Watch for my added FREEBIE to this post on Sunday to help you with your FHE lesson.

We Are All Enlisted – Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

The Effects of Television

The Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn Part 1

I have included a few freebies that you can choose to use or not, it’s up to you.  I thought it might be nice to have them in a photo frame somewhere on display for the week, but please use them according to what your family might need.

Ship Poem

Ship Poem 5×7 Size

Ship Poem 4×6 Size

Ballard and Ship 4×6 Size

Ballard and Ship 5×7 Size

Ballard Quote

Ballard Quote 5×7 Size

Ballard Quote 4×6 Size

Emergency Preparedness Stove-In-A-Can

I have come across an item I am SUPER excited about that will help everyone in their goal for their Emergency Preparedness.  It’s called Stove-In-A-Can.  Years ago, I made my own stove using toilet paper, rubbing alcohol, and a paint can.  Yes, it’s great for short runs and money saving, however, in the long run, it’s not going to help me cook what I need to in case of an emergency. It’s also combustible and what happens if it leaks all over something????  Yikes!  In enters my newest find…….

My son, Cale, is a member of the Symphonic Band this year at Farmington Junior High.  On December 14-17, the Farmington Junior High Symphonic Band will be traveling to Chicago, Illinois, to play at the Midwest Band Clinic.  To play at this Clinic is a great honor.  Only three junior highs in the whole entire world get to play at this clinic!  In order to receive this great honor, the 2010-2011 Farmington Junior High Symphonic Band had to send in recordings of three advanced pieces of music.  He was asked be to a part of these recordings, as a percussionist, when he was an 8th grader.  It took enormous effort and practicing to get these pieces of music to perfection.  Now,  this school year the band will get the honor to play at this amazing clinic.  But, as you know, sending a Symphonic Band, across the country, is not cheap.  In order to go, each student must bring in eleven hundred dollars, $600 of which comes out of his own pocket, not mine.  So, the band is having fundraisers to help with this enormous sum of money.

We tried Fatboys, which worked well and they made $10,000, which is a large sum of money.  However, they still needed $20,000 more to get the band there.  We found this great product that the American Fork band did and after researching it I realized it REALLY WAS a great product.  I tell everyone about it. When I really believe in something and know the value of it is AWESOME, I am the best seller there is for it.  I swear, companies should hire me!!!! The guy who came up with this idea is soooooo smart and the company is right out of Utah near American Fork.

Here is a little info on it which I got straight from them.  It’s long but WORTH IT!!!  If anyone wants to order them, we can get them at a better price then through the company right now.  Usually if you order online with them it’s $34.99 plus $8.50 shipping.  Our band is selling them for $25 and no shipping if you pick them up from me.  If you live too far away I can get exact cost for shipping it straight to you through the post office.  Let me know.

Each can comes with the following inside of it:

4 fuel cells


Waterproof matches

Cooking Lid

Fuel Ring

Cooking Ring

You can also order more fuel cells at the following costs:

2 pack – $10

4 pack – $18

10 pack – $40

You can leave a comment letting me know if you want one, before August 22, and I will contact you personally through my own email.

One more idea before you get to the good stuff of information…… for all you early Christmas shoppers and those who aspire to be early Christmas shoppers, this is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to get started.  This stove’s fuel never expires so you can save it for this Christmas or keep it another 30 years if you want and give it to them at that time. (LOL!  THAT would be way in advanced shopping!) What better way to help your family get better prepared AND follow the prophets council then to give a gift like this!!!!! (I am buying 3 for our family. One for our car and 2 for our home.)

I have also attached a comparison chart so you can see it compared to other stoves out there.  Stove Comparison

Cook 3 Meals/Day for 1 Week

Essential for Emergencies – Convenient for Outdoor Recreation – Great for Gifts

QuickStove - Stove In A Can

Dimensions: 6.5 in x 4 in (2.9 lbs, 1/2 gallon can)

Stove In A Can is a portable, self-contained cooking platform that provides a week’s worth of cooking. Virtually anything that can be cooked on a regular stove can be cooked on a Stove In A Can.

  • Cooks for 4-6 hours (1 week’s worth of cooking time)
  • Boils water in 5 minutes
  • Holds over 300 lbs
  • Stores indefinitely and safely (no chemicals)
  • Can be lit and re-lit

Safe – Non-explosive, non-hazardous, and clean-burning fuel means you can take it, store it, and cook on it wherever you need it. Because it is so much safer, there is no legal limit as to the quantity you can store in your home like there is for other fuels.       (I can’t emphasize enough how WONDERFUL this is.  This means you can keep it in a car for your 72 hour kits without worrying something is going to spill or explode!)

Reliable – Has an indefinite shelf life and works great in extreme weather conditions. Fuel cells are completely waterproof and will ignite in seconds, making it great for emergencies, or for camping and other recreational uses.

Superior Performance – Boils water in less than five minutes and cooks for over an hour on a single fuel cell. Since most meals only require 15 minutes of cooking, that is almost 1 weeks worth of cooking. At up to 18,000 BTU’s, it burns hotter than most other outdoor stoves.

Convenient – Compact, lightweight, and ready for cooking in less than a minute. Includes fuel, platform, cooking rings and waterproof matches so it is ready when you need it.

QuickStove Stove In A Can Uses

Energy Efficient – Patented design conserves energy and increases heat output. Fuel cells can be extinguished and re-used as needed to maximize burn time.

Environmentally Conscious – Fuel cells are made of recycled, all natural materials.  (If your child or pet gets into them, and worse case, eats them, they will not harm them.)

Robust Solution – Highly efficient source for heating and lighting. Wide base for enhanced stability that can support over 300 lbs.

Flexible – Design and fuel cells that allow for multiple uses. Owners have found numerous innovative uses beyond what we imagined.

How It Works

LIGHT – Light wrapper or edge of fuel cell, place in stove

COOK – Place cooking ring on stove

REUSE – Replace lid to extinguish, light again to reuse



  1. Remove lid from atop the stove. Remove fuel cells, cooking ring, fuel ring, matches, and any other materials from inside the stove. Handle metal objects with care as they may have sharp edges.
  2. Bend the fuel ring into a coiled shape and place in the bottom of the stove.
  3. Place fuel cell on fuel ring inside the stove.
  4. Place cooking ring in groove on top of stove.
  5. (Optional) Turn stove lid upside down and place on top of cooking ring. The groove in the lid should fit securely onto the cooking ring. Pans may be placed directly on the cooking ring without the lid for more direct heat.


Ignite one fuel cell by placing it in the stove and lifting a portion of the pleated wrapping. Then use a match to light the paper. Alternatively, you can light a fuel cell without the wrapper by pinching off a small piece of the fuel cell and crumbling it on top while the fuel cells in the stove, then use a match to light crumbled pieces.

The ease of igniting the fuel cell may vary according to airflow around the stove. If the fuel cell fails to ignite after lighting the wrapper, simply use the alternate method of lighting (as described in the lighting section) by pinching off and crumbling a small portion onto the top of the cell and lighting.

Heat Output vs. Duration: Airflow (oxygen) fuels all fire. So increasing airflow to the stove will actually cause the heat output to increase Consequently, as heat output increases, the fuel burns faster and decreases the duration of the fuel cell. So if you need to boil water quickly, increase airflow to the fuel cell. If you want the fuel cell to last longer, decrease the airflow.


The flame can be extinguished at any time by removing the cooking ring and placing the lid back on the stove. CAUTION: The cooking ring will be hot. Remove with care.


As with any campfire or solid fuel fire, soot will develop within the stove and on any cooking equipment placed over the flame. After wiping loose soot off, use a dab of your preferred dish soap and a scrubbing pad to clean to your liking. Also, it’s best to use cookware that would be suitable for a campfire.

Additional tips & tricks as suggested by users

  • Use the lid as a cooking surface if you don’t have a pan or grill (additional cleanup required).
  • To conserve fuel, extinguish by placing the lid on the stove when finished cooking. Then re-light when needed.
  • An alternate method to conserve fuel is to break the fuel cell into a smaller piece according to needs.
  • The fuel ring is optional. Use to get more heat output and larger flames. Remove it for less heat output and longer duration.
  • Place two SIAC’s underneath a large griddle to cook for a larger group.
  • Use SIAC to get an open flame campfire where traditional campfires are not allowed (always check with local fire authorities).
  • Break off a piece of the fuel cell to help your campmates get their rain-drenched campfire started.
  • Store one in your car, boat, or ATV for emergency or recreational use.


Stove in A Can Great for Emergencies

There is a clear need for every home to have a safe, affordable, reliable solution for cooking and boiling water.

Stove In A Can is Ideal for Emergencies

  • Superior Performance: Boils water in 5 minutes and cooks for 4 to 5 hours
  • Safe: Uses a non-explosive fuel source that is waterproof and can be stored indefinitely
  • Complete and Easy to Use: Includes stove, fuel, cooking platform, and waterproof matches

According to the American Red Cross, a disaster strikes every eight minutes. What will you use for cooking and heating?

  • Will it boil water and cook a full meal for a family?
  • Is it safe to store in your vehicle and your home?
  • Does it have an indefinite shelf life
  • Can you be ready to cook in 1-2 minutes?
  • Is the fuel source safe, non-toxic, and non-explosive?
  • Will it work in extreme weather conditions?
  • Can you store as much fuel as you want/need?
  • Is it lightweight and portable?

STOVE IN A CAN is the only stove in its class that can answer YES to all these essential requirements

The timing is right for a simple, understandable preparedness product that meets the most critical need—boiling water and cooking food

Did you know:

  • A disaster strikes every eight minutes (Red Cross)
  • Since 2005 every state in the U.S. has had at least one disaster declared (FEMA)
  • 9.7 Million people (over 3% of U.S. population) were impacted by Hurricane Katrina alone
  • 76% of Americans expect a major disaster within the next 5 years
  • Flooding, earthquakes, winter storms, hurricanes and tornadoes are all common occurrences
  • With an aging power grid, power outages are increasing in frequency and duration
  • In an emergency, essential services like water, gas, and electricity can be down for hours or even days
  • How will you ensure that your family can cook and have safe drinking water until help arrives?
Stove In A Can for Recreation

There is a clear need for a simpler, safer, more affordable, and more convenient solution for cooking and heating outdoors.

Stove In A Can is Great for Recreation

  • Affordable < $30 for complete stove and fuel
  • Convenient: Compact, lightweight, ready to cook in 1 minute
  • Durable: Can hold over 300lbs
  • Contained: Use where other fires are not permitted
  • Environmentally Friendly: Uses recycled materials and leaves no trace

STOVE IN A CAN provides a campfire-like experience whether in the mountains or in your own backyard.

STOVE IN A CAN is a great way to tailgate without hauling the backyard grill to the game. A simple, safe, complete and reliable way to cook those burgers and brats on game day.

  • Open flame, so you can roast hotdogs and marshmallows just like a real campfire
  • Small and fully contained, so safety concerns are mitigated
  • Increases frequency of use and provides repeat sales

Did you know:

  • Portable cooking options are limited and highly polarized
  • High-end, portable stoves target knowledgeable enthusiasts and not typical consumers
  • Market for these stoves is constrained by cost, complexity, and fuel danger cooking
  • Current stoves do not provide an open “campfire” flame for heating and cooking
  • Charcoal and open fire pit restrictions are increasing due to environmental trace and fire hazard concerns

Leave No Trace

Environmental Impact

QuickStove supports the “Leave No Trace” initiative. The Stove In A Can has been designed to reduce waste and lower environmental impact –

  • Uses all recycled or reusable materials
  • The packaging is the product
  • There is no additional packaging or fuel canister to dispose of
  • Fuel cells are made from all natural recycled material
recycle      leave no trace

FHE Lesson – Teaching Families About Quiet Service

I have had some amazing experiences in the last month as I have had the opportunity to serve my husband’s Grandmother while she has gone through some really tough health issues.  The small and simple opportunities to serve have been so numerous that I have not been able to keep track of every one.  I have had so many testimony builders during this hard time for our family it has been amazing.  This last week my own Grandpa has come to a point in his life where he is now under hospice care. I have thought back on my life with him and how many times I have been able to serve him with small and simple things.  Just last week I was able to drive to Idaho Falls and sit with my Grandpa in the hospital for 2 hours and just listen to him talk.  How simple and yet how sweet my time with him was as we enjoyed each other’s company.  He has been a guiding influence throughout my whole life and the Priesthood holder in our home, as I come from a divorced family. My aunt told me the next day how much he couldn’t stop talking that I would drive 3 hours to just see him and visit with him.  It was such a simple thing to do and yet the blessings that came to the both of us and the treasures that were laid up in heaven were overflowing.  I encourage everyone to re-evaluate their lives as you study this lesson, to see where you can serve someone else by “small and simple things” and then watch how “great things come to pass” because of it.

Teaching Families About Quiet Service FHE PDF

Preparation:  Print out the “By small and simple things” Service Tokens for your family. Follow the instructions in the document to put it together before your FHE. Be sure there is enough for your whole family to use for the time frame you set as your goal in the lesson below.

Print out the Service Journal sticker front and place on small size notebook.  Sticker size is 3.5 x5.

Opening Song:  “Scatter Sunshine” Hymn 230 or “I Feel My Savior’s Love” CS 74

Opening Prayer:

Scripture:  Alma 37:6-7. Read this and discuss with your family what it means to them.  Remember to point out that, the gospel of Jesus Christ is simple, no matter how much we try to make it complicated. We should strive to keep our lives similarly simple, unencumbered by extraneous influences, focused on those things that matter most.


Read through the Conference Talk included in this packet.  I have highlighted important points that would be good to discuss with your family.  The overall goal for this FHE is to help your family realize that by small and simple things, great things happen.  Too many times in our lives we try to focus on what BIG and GREAT thing we can do.  Oftentimes these are done so as to receive praise from the world around us instead of for the purpose of serving others.  This is the backwards way of how our Heavenly Father wants us to perform service in His name.  We skip over and forget the simple ways to serve in life that bring about a much greater influence and blessing to those around us. We forget, as the young merchant did in the Conference talk, that in order to fill our pouch with treasures laid up in heaven, we have to perform those small, and sometimes what would seem menial acts of service, throughout our whole life.

Each morning in prayer we should be asking Heavenly Father, “Where can I serve today? What can I do for the Lord?”  By listening and being in tune with the Holy Ghost, it will lead us to those small ways to serve that will have the greatest impact in the lives of others.

Bear your testimony about how service has made a difference in your life.


Give each member of your family a small service journal.  In the front write the questions they should be asking Heavenly Father each morning in prayer.

  1. Where can I serve today?
  2. What can I do for the Lord?

This journal is to be used to write down the promptings of the Holy Ghost as they receive them during prayer and or during the day as the Spirit talks to us.

As each person performs an act of service, let them put a Service Token into a Service Jar that you have designated for the family.  Have them do this quietly and without fan fare.  Help them to understand that service is not about bragging to others of the things we did, but about quietly going about “our Father’s business.” In this, is the true act of service and charity shown to our Heavenly Father.  Set a goal with your family to reach a certain level in the jar and plan a Service party afterwards when the goal is met.  You could set it for a week or two weeks or even a whole month, to give the family time to really have the lesson sink into their hearts. During the Service Party let the family talk about ways in which THEY were served by OTHERS.  Remember to keep away from the bragging end and focus on the blessings the person who was served received because of someone else.

Closing Prayer:


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