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Blood Moon (The Moonlight Trilogy, #1)Blood Moon by Teri Harman
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I received this book as an ARC copy to read before publication. From the description on Goodreads it seemed like something I would enjoy tremendously. I really like how the author started out. Teri kept my interest and I was excited to read more about the characters. Then, the time changes started happening. I really have no problem reading a book that switches between times. As an avid reader, I have the ability to keep characters in my head in the places where they come into a story. However, the time jumps in this book lead to a lot of stumbling blocks in my head. It really confused me as to exactly how each person from the past fit into the story in the present. Everything got straightened out in the end and I was able to connect the characters but I really feel that this detracted from the overall reading experience. I even put it down for a whole week not wanting to go back to the confusion of the set up of the book. Overall, I really liked the characters in the story and how they all relate to each other to make the end blend together. I just really think it needs to be done in a much better way so as not to confuse the reader and cause them to want to put it down.

Teri did a good job of keeping the book clean from typical sexual content that a lot of authors seem to think is important to put in a book. I appreciate the fact the author agrees you can have a relationship without the physical side coming into a story. I also feel like she did a good job keeping the read light and free from the heavy side of witchcraft.

If Teri can somehow fix the flow of time jumps in her book then I would give it a much higher star rating. Can’t wait to see the finished product in stores.

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