General Conference BINGO – Pre-School Version

I have been wanting to make a Pre-School version of my Conference BINGO and I finally did!!!!!  YEAH!!!  For now, I have 12 Boards, by next conference I will have the other 12, so you can have a total of 24.  As with all our creations on My Heart & Home, they take a LONG time to create.  

Please remember that these took close to 100 hours of work to make and I would love for you to share them with your friends and family, but please give them our blog address instead of pasting, copying, or otherwise taking credit for them. 

I love sharing with you all and appreciate your comments last time I did this.  Print and laminate them now so you are all ready when Conference comes this weekend!!

General Conference Bingo Pre-School Version 8.5×11 Size PDF

General Conference Bingo Pre-School Version 5×7 Size PDF

Someone was kind enough to point out to me that the 3rd Bingo Board had the wrong names attached to the pictures.  Since I HATE leaving anything wrong, even though the pre-school children can’t read it, I fixed it and have given you the individual page below.  I have also fixed the files up above.  The PDF’s below are for those who already downloaded the file previous to my post fix.

FIX for Page 2 of the 5×7 file

Bingo Board 3 fix

Fix for page 3 of the 8.5×11 file

Bingo Board Page 3 fix

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  1. Thank you so much for putting this together and allowing us to partake . I have been on the hunt for something for my preschoolers to do during confrence that is fun and also helps them to understand a little of why we listen to conference.

    • Amber,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. You are the first, and I appreciate the gratitude you show for the hours that were spent creating. I hope your Pre-Schoolers enjoy Conference a little bit more this year while they play Bingo.

  2. Thank you for these wonderful bingo cards! I love and appreciate all the time and effort you put into these beautiful cards! I can’t wait to show these to my children!

    • Kim,

      Thank you so very much for your comment. I hope your Conference goes a little bit smoother with lots and lots of BINGO’s being called out by your children. Thank you for your gratitude!

  3. Thank you so much for all that you do to help out! These are amazing and beautiful and I know it must have taken a very long time to make! I appreciate every second that was spent on them. I know this will help so much with my 4 year old to better listen and understand the importance of conference. I will share with all my friends and my mom (she is primary president)! Thanks again!

    • Whitney,

      It did take a lot of hours, but I enjoyed every second of the creation. I love to share the talents I have been given with others around me, in hopes it can help spread the gospel a little bit further here on the Earth. Thank you for your tremendous gratitude for this. I hope your mom has LOTS of primary kids who will have the game come into their home this conference!!! Wouldn’t that be awesome to ask a raise of hands who got to play Conference Bingo over the weekend? I LOVE Conference!!!!

  4. Thank you for doing this! Getting all 5 of my kids to sit and listen is quite the challenge and things like this help a lot. I wanted to point out that on the 3rd page, the words don’t match up with the pictures! It probably won’t matter to the preschoolers that don’t read though! Thanks again!

    • Oh NO!! I didn’t notice that. Thank you for pointing that out to me! I will go fix it right now. Thanks for your gratitude for the Bingo cards.

    • I have since fixed it and have added 2 separate PDF files that you can use if you want to download the corrected page, depending on the size you initially downloaded.

  5. Thank you so much for these bingo cards. I am always looking for ways to keep my kids interested in conference. I am thinking take these to sacrament meeting also. Thank you for all the work that went into these

  6. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I LOVE these and I know my kids will love them to.

  7. Great job! My kiddos will love these!

  8. Thanks for doing this. It is Awesome!

  9. You know, I’ve been looking for ways to get my four year old more involved when conference roles around (fhe lessons are nice for the after report, but his attention is limited during the actual conference) and this is a perfect solution. Plus, it gives us a chance to be more involved with him. Thanks for all the time you put in to getting these ready. I hope people appreciated just how meaningful these are.

    • You are so welcome. I really appreciate it when people take them time to let me know they are grateful for all the hard work that was put into each thing.

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