Wedding Advice Printable

I had a friend approach me in my ward asking if I could help her create something for an upcoming wedding she has a part in.  Of course, I LOVE to create anything so I said yes.  Thought I would share the idea with you since it was sooooooooo cute.  Her friend/relative is having an old vintage library themed wedding and she wanted to have vintage library checkout cards available for people to write their advice on.  Here is what I came up with.  ENJOY!!!!

Vintage Library Card Wedding Advice

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  1. Hi Valerie. Love this idea😊
    I’m interested in puchasing several for a library themed wedding shower, as well! The shower is October 14, 2017. Would love to hear back from you.

    • Rita, thank you for your contact. There is no need to purchase them. I put a PDF link below the photo when I posted this a long time ago. That PDF link has the document in it and you are free to print as many as you need. Best of luck on your shower!!!

  2. Hi. Interested in ordering these!
    Please contact me. Thanks.

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