Christmas Bingo Pre-School Version!!!

. . . BiNgO . . .

Is One Of Our FaVoRiTe Holiday Traditions!

Our family has enjoyed these creations for a couple of years now.

Below are links to our posts from the past on this game,

and then below that is a new version that Tricia

and I created together for your cute

little pre-schoolers and those a little bit older than

pre-school age.

The Silent Night Bingo is perfect for

Family Home Evening and Family Parties.

The Jingo Bingo is perfect for School Parties.

Don’t forget to yell, JINGO instead of Bingo

when you win or it doesn’t count!

You will also be seeing a preschool version

of each!

Follow the…STAR


(This one is more like Tic Tac Toe, but the little one’s won’t know!)

It’s perfect for short attention spans!

Ho Ho Ho PDF

Ho Ho Ho Calling Cards

You have to say, “HO…HO…HO”…when you

get 3 in a row!

You have to yell the title of each game for it to count!

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  1. Oh my word! I can’t WAIT until Christmas so I can use this. You have AMAZING stuff on here! Thank you so much for your work and for sharing!

  2. I love love love the games. I downloaded and printed the ho ho ho game to play with my 3 year old and noticed that all of the cards aren’t there!! I am going to print an extra copy of the cards and cut those, but wanted to let you know!!

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