The Nativity Play!!!

Christmas Eve

is my FAVORITE part of Christmas!

I get so ExCiTeD I can hardly stand it.

I love Traditions and Christmas Eve seems to

have some of the best ones.

Our Christmas Eve Traditions consist of:

Games and Prizes

Amazing Food

A Visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus

The Christmas Eve P.J. Parade

 and then the


The Nativity Play

followed by our

Secret Santa Delivery

and an

All Night Hallmark Movie Marathon

Slumber Party with the boys!


I created a new Nativity Set for this one,

and I have to say, IT’S MY FAVORITE!

So here it is, page by page:

We have the kids in the family dress up

and read their parts.

For FHE I made a second set.

This one is one that can be held with little hands

and moved around.

Here they are…

Here’s the PDF:

The Nativity Story Packet PDF

The pieces can be Mod Podged to wood or chipboard.

This would be a fun gift for Visiting Teaching

and Home Teaching.

You could cut and laminate the pieces.

Attach a magnent on the back and use it with a magnetic board,

you could print on magnetic paper. You could

attach them to tongue depressors, or

you could just give them a copy of the story.

Lots of possibilities!

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  1. I LOVE this nativity pdf packet but for some reason am unable to download it. I get an error every time. Would it be possible to have this emailed to me please?! THanks

  2. It says the wisemen are in the next narration, but I don’t see their parts..Help we’re doing this in Primary on Sunday

    • So sorry! I just realized that Tricia never finished the narration and posted it. You might need to add lib a few parts or take the wisemen out and end it with Silent Night like it states. Her computer is currently out of order and won’t be available by Sunday.

  3. When I click on the download link I get a warning message from my anti-virus software that says a Trojan Horse has been detected on the page 😦 I would really like a copy of this pattern – can you please check it out!

  4. thank you sooooo much for this….It was hard to print but I got it ,, thanks again

  5. thank you sooo much :*

  6. Would love to have a copy of your sweet Nativity Story, but can’t find a way to download it. Would it be possible to email a link to me?

    • It’s right at the very end of this post where it says Nativity Play Story Book PDF. Click on that and it will take you to a new page where you can download the whole file. It is 23 MBs large so be prepared for it to take a while.

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