Planning my Meals – The Digital Way

Can I just say that I LOVE how digital some things are getting.  Let’s take planning your menus.  My friend just recently introduced me to this website about a year ago. I didn’t take her seriously until 2 months ago when I tried it free for 30 days.  I was HOOKED!!!  Plan to Eat is a terrific company that makes it so easy to plan and shop for my meals.  I can even plan up to many months at a time if I am feeling really ambitious and organized!!!  I love how I can add my own recipes and then drag them to my calendar and it in turn creates a shopping list for me.  I can add to and edit that shopping list based on what is in my pantry. I can access that list from my phone when I am at the store.  HEAVEN!  (Sighing here.)

Shopping and meal plan have never been easier, and I still can use my Menu Item Cards as well.  I can also add recipes I find on the internet with the click of a button. SWEET!!!!!!  I can also just copy and paste, or I can add them line by line.  They even have a blog where they share their own recipes with everyone as well. Click to add it to your own recipe book.

Guess what else you can do???? Add people to your friends and click and save THEIR recipes to your own recipe book!!!! Yes, so serious here. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES???? I am in such a happy land right. My best purchase of Black Friday for sure and I didn’t even have to leave the comfort of my own home! (Have I used enough exclamation points yet?)

I am sooooooo excited for this that I just HAD to share with you.  PLUSSSSSSS, the bonus part????  They are having a BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND SPECIAL.  I had been waiting to officially subscribe until I could justify the cost and BAM they go and create this fabulous deal that  I couldn’t resist.  Seriously, you have to at LEAST take a peak at the easiness of this program, and they aren’t even paying me to advertise for them!  (Wait……….how DO people get paid to do that anyway?) There is a link at the bottom of this post if you are interested in seeing what they have to offer for you. ENJOY!!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

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