Step 9b – Extra Money Job List

First of all, did you know that there really is such a thing as a money tree?  Really, I googled it, just to see.  Now if it only grew money that would be awesome!!!!!  Here is what a full grown one looks like.

Alas, stepping back into reality, lets talk about jobs for your children.

Jobs for children are valuable because they teach responsibility and money management, but they can also be a lot of fun. After all, what kids don’t want to earn some extra money to buy their favorite toy or video game?

Children are never too young to learn the value of money and the responsibility that comes along with it. Usually around the age of five, kids start understanding what money is and how it is used. There are several jobs that can teach these lessons as well, helping them earn a few extra bucks along the way.

The following is a small list of ideas you can use for your Extra Money Job List.  Post it on the fridge or some other central location where it is always visible to everyone.  Have the kids print their name on the line next to the job when they have accomplished it.  You can sign your initials when you have approved the completion of the job.  Remember, DO NOT write down a job you are unwilling to inspect.  Nothing can be more frustrating to a child when their parent(s) are unwilling to follow through with what they said.  You can actually loose trust and dependability in their eyes and in turn become known as a liar in their young minds.

  • Play with the children for a few hours so Mom/Dad can clean or get other work done
  • Help with light household chores including laundry, dishes or vacuuming
  • Prepare easy meals
  • Help sort through or rotate toys and books
  • Wash Cars
  • Weeding
  • Cleaning old leaves from plants
  • Raking, sweeping or bagging up the trimmings for trash collection
  • Sweeping outside porches or patios
  • Be a clown for a small child’s birthday party
  • Mop the floor
  • Clean out the garage
  • Wash the windows
  • Spot wash the walls
  • Wash the baseboards
  • Clean up the toys outside
  • Oil the wood
  • Clean and vacuum out the vehicles
  • Help a younger child organize their toys
  • Clean out the window tracks
  • Wash the blinds
  • Wash the window screens
  • Clean out the refrigerator
  • Wash, fold and put away a load of YOUR laundry.
  • Clean out the pantry
  • Clean up the dog poop around the yard

 There is no set rate a child should be paid to do some work. Compensation should always be discussed with the parents and should reflect the type of job that was performed. This would also be a good time to teach your child about the value of money and starting a savings account.

Whatever you decide, make sure you have a family council if you are going to start implementing extra money job lists.  Have all the expectations spelled out clearly and have everyone sign the rules stating they have been informed of and are in agreement to the requirements needed to be accomplished if they wish to earn extra money.

The sheet I have included can be used as an extra incentive for your family.  It’s a great way to get those really “fun” jobs accomplished that no one wants to do.  Assign what amount each job pays and watch how fast your kids work if they need any extra money!  Regular family responsibilities must be completed before kids can do extra money jobs.

Extra Money Job List

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