Halloween Fun – Where’s My Mummy?

Has anyone read Carolyn Crimi’s book “Where’s My Mummy?”  Cutest story ever!!!!!

After seeing this, a Halloween game idea popped into my head.  Using Tricia’s original Scavenger hunt characters and adding my creations of the the owl and the Little Mummy and Mommy Mummy, I came up with this new Halloween game idea.

(There are 23 individual cards in this game, however, you can make additional copies if you are using for a classroom setting.)

I can’t wait to print it and play it with my children!!!!  If you can get a copy of the book and read it to your children before you play the game, it brings it all together.  However, it’s not a requirement.  Let me know how it went with your family, classroom, or friends.  I would LOVE to know if they enjoyed playing it.

Where’s My Mummy Game Instructions

Little Mummy wanted to play one more game of Hide and Seek before he went to bed. While he counted, his Mummy hid. However, she hid so well Little Mummy couldn’t find her. He needs your help in this fun game of Hide and Seek.

Use one less card then there are players in the game.  Be sure the “Mummy” card is one of them.

Shuffle the cards and deal one card out to each person except for one.  The one without the card will hide the “Mummy” card for the person who is it.  The one who is dealt the “Mummy” card is considered Little Mummy. Be sure to take turns on who doesn’t get a card dealt to them.

Little Mummy must leave the room leaving his “Mummy” card behind for the person who doesn’t have a card to hide.  Everyone hides their card someplace in the room.  Little Mummy comes back into the room and starts to look for his “Mummy“.  Using the hot and cold method, everyone can call out to Little Mummy if he is hot or cold in finding his Mummy. The players who hid their card must try to trick Little Mummy into finding their card instead of finding his “Mummy”.  If they succeed in making Little Mummy find it, they get a treat from the candy bowl. Once their card is found they can try and lead Little Mummy to his “Mummy” before the he locates anymore of the other players cards.

The trick of the game for Little Mummy is trying to decide who is telling the truth and who is playing a trick on him! Once Little Mummy finds his “Mummy“, he gets a treat and the game starts over again.  This is a great game for a party, classroom party, or family Halloween fun!

Where’s My Mummy Game.pdf

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  1. how do you print this and your other wonderful files out? Thanks Mindy

    • Mindy,

      I print all my stuff through Alphagraphics. No one can beat their WONDERFUL graphic printing with their prices. Of course, that’s my opinion. 😉 I always print them on cardstock, then laminate them, then cut them out. So far they have all survived the years of using them.

  2. I am sorry for being so dumb about this but when I click on the link to download and print it says access denied- so are you saying we have to pay for this CUTE game?

    • No, you should be able to save it to your computer and print it from your own printer. Let me go in and see what is going on.

    • Mindy,
      I was able to successfully download it and print right from the document without saving it to my computer. Try saving it to your computer first and then printing. Let me know if you still have problems.

  3. thank-you It works now!!!!

  4. thanks! we just checked out the book and I plan on playing the game for our fhe activity!

  5. I am having trouble opening the file. It takes me to a Mediafire website and the file is not available. Could you email it to me?

    • Media fire is the website I use to put my PDF files on. There would be no way to email it to you because it is 30 MB large. I just checked and it’s on there. I realize media fire has a LOT of ads but the download you want will say it is 30.94 MB and it will say Where Is My Mummy PDF above it.

  6. Thanks! I figured it out!

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