Emergency Preparedness Stove-In-A-Can

I have come across an item I am SUPER excited about that will help everyone in their goal for their Emergency Preparedness.  It’s called Stove-In-A-Can.  Years ago, I made my own stove using toilet paper, rubbing alcohol, and a paint can.  Yes, it’s great for short runs and money saving, however, in the long run, it’s not going to help me cook what I need to in case of an emergency. It’s also combustible and what happens if it leaks all over something????  Yikes!  In enters my newest find…….

My son, Cale, is a member of the Symphonic Band this year at Farmington Junior High.  On December 14-17, the Farmington Junior High Symphonic Band will be traveling to Chicago, Illinois, to play at the Midwest Band Clinic.  To play at this Clinic is a great honor.  Only three junior highs in the whole entire world get to play at this clinic!  In order to receive this great honor, the 2010-2011 Farmington Junior High Symphonic Band had to send in recordings of three advanced pieces of music.  He was asked be to a part of these recordings, as a percussionist, when he was an 8th grader.  It took enormous effort and practicing to get these pieces of music to perfection.  Now,  this school year the band will get the honor to play at this amazing clinic.  But, as you know, sending a Symphonic Band, across the country, is not cheap.  In order to go, each student must bring in eleven hundred dollars, $600 of which comes out of his own pocket, not mine.  So, the band is having fundraisers to help with this enormous sum of money.

We tried Fatboys, which worked well and they made $10,000, which is a large sum of money.  However, they still needed $20,000 more to get the band there.  We found this great product that the American Fork band did and after researching it I realized it REALLY WAS a great product.  I tell everyone about it. When I really believe in something and know the value of it is AWESOME, I am the best seller there is for it.  I swear, companies should hire me!!!! The guy who came up with this idea is soooooo smart and the company is right out of Utah near American Fork.

Here is a little info on it which I got straight from them.  It’s long but WORTH IT!!!  If anyone wants to order them, we can get them at a better price then through the company right now.  Usually if you order online with them it’s $34.99 plus $8.50 shipping.  Our band is selling them for $25 and no shipping if you pick them up from me.  If you live too far away I can get exact cost for shipping it straight to you through the post office.  Let me know.

Each can comes with the following inside of it:

4 fuel cells


Waterproof matches

Cooking Lid

Fuel Ring

Cooking Ring

You can also order more fuel cells at the following costs:

2 pack – $10

4 pack – $18

10 pack – $40

You can leave a comment letting me know if you want one, before August 22, and I will contact you personally through my own email.

One more idea before you get to the good stuff of information…… for all you early Christmas shoppers and those who aspire to be early Christmas shoppers, this is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to get started.  This stove’s fuel never expires so you can save it for this Christmas or keep it another 30 years if you want and give it to them at that time. (LOL!  THAT would be way in advanced shopping!) What better way to help your family get better prepared AND follow the prophets council then to give a gift like this!!!!! (I am buying 3 for our family. One for our car and 2 for our home.)

I have also attached a comparison chart so you can see it compared to other stoves out there.  Stove Comparison

Cook 3 Meals/Day for 1 Week

Essential for Emergencies – Convenient for Outdoor Recreation – Great for Gifts

QuickStove - Stove In A Can

Dimensions: 6.5 in x 4 in (2.9 lbs, 1/2 gallon can)

Stove In A Can is a portable, self-contained cooking platform that provides a week’s worth of cooking. Virtually anything that can be cooked on a regular stove can be cooked on a Stove In A Can.

  • Cooks for 4-6 hours (1 week’s worth of cooking time)
  • Boils water in 5 minutes
  • Holds over 300 lbs
  • Stores indefinitely and safely (no chemicals)
  • Can be lit and re-lit

Safe – Non-explosive, non-hazardous, and clean-burning fuel means you can take it, store it, and cook on it wherever you need it. Because it is so much safer, there is no legal limit as to the quantity you can store in your home like there is for other fuels.       (I can’t emphasize enough how WONDERFUL this is.  This means you can keep it in a car for your 72 hour kits without worrying something is going to spill or explode!)

Reliable – Has an indefinite shelf life and works great in extreme weather conditions. Fuel cells are completely waterproof and will ignite in seconds, making it great for emergencies, or for camping and other recreational uses.

Superior Performance – Boils water in less than five minutes and cooks for over an hour on a single fuel cell. Since most meals only require 15 minutes of cooking, that is almost 1 weeks worth of cooking. At up to 18,000 BTU’s, it burns hotter than most other outdoor stoves.

Convenient – Compact, lightweight, and ready for cooking in less than a minute. Includes fuel, platform, cooking rings and waterproof matches so it is ready when you need it.

QuickStove Stove In A Can Uses

Energy Efficient – Patented design conserves energy and increases heat output. Fuel cells can be extinguished and re-used as needed to maximize burn time.

Environmentally Conscious – Fuel cells are made of recycled, all natural materials.  (If your child or pet gets into them, and worse case, eats them, they will not harm them.)

Robust Solution – Highly efficient source for heating and lighting. Wide base for enhanced stability that can support over 300 lbs.

Flexible – Design and fuel cells that allow for multiple uses. Owners have found numerous innovative uses beyond what we imagined.

How It Works

LIGHT – Light wrapper or edge of fuel cell, place in stove

COOK – Place cooking ring on stove

REUSE – Replace lid to extinguish, light again to reuse



  1. Remove lid from atop the stove. Remove fuel cells, cooking ring, fuel ring, matches, and any other materials from inside the stove. Handle metal objects with care as they may have sharp edges.
  2. Bend the fuel ring into a coiled shape and place in the bottom of the stove.
  3. Place fuel cell on fuel ring inside the stove.
  4. Place cooking ring in groove on top of stove.
  5. (Optional) Turn stove lid upside down and place on top of cooking ring. The groove in the lid should fit securely onto the cooking ring. Pans may be placed directly on the cooking ring without the lid for more direct heat.


Ignite one fuel cell by placing it in the stove and lifting a portion of the pleated wrapping. Then use a match to light the paper. Alternatively, you can light a fuel cell without the wrapper by pinching off a small piece of the fuel cell and crumbling it on top while the fuel cells in the stove, then use a match to light crumbled pieces.

The ease of igniting the fuel cell may vary according to airflow around the stove. If the fuel cell fails to ignite after lighting the wrapper, simply use the alternate method of lighting (as described in the lighting section) by pinching off and crumbling a small portion onto the top of the cell and lighting.

Heat Output vs. Duration: Airflow (oxygen) fuels all fire. So increasing airflow to the stove will actually cause the heat output to increase Consequently, as heat output increases, the fuel burns faster and decreases the duration of the fuel cell. So if you need to boil water quickly, increase airflow to the fuel cell. If you want the fuel cell to last longer, decrease the airflow.


The flame can be extinguished at any time by removing the cooking ring and placing the lid back on the stove. CAUTION: The cooking ring will be hot. Remove with care.


As with any campfire or solid fuel fire, soot will develop within the stove and on any cooking equipment placed over the flame. After wiping loose soot off, use a dab of your preferred dish soap and a scrubbing pad to clean to your liking. Also, it’s best to use cookware that would be suitable for a campfire.

Additional tips & tricks as suggested by users

  • Use the lid as a cooking surface if you don’t have a pan or grill (additional cleanup required).
  • To conserve fuel, extinguish by placing the lid on the stove when finished cooking. Then re-light when needed.
  • An alternate method to conserve fuel is to break the fuel cell into a smaller piece according to needs.
  • The fuel ring is optional. Use to get more heat output and larger flames. Remove it for less heat output and longer duration.
  • Place two SIAC’s underneath a large griddle to cook for a larger group.
  • Use SIAC to get an open flame campfire where traditional campfires are not allowed (always check with local fire authorities).
  • Break off a piece of the fuel cell to help your campmates get their rain-drenched campfire started.
  • Store one in your car, boat, or ATV for emergency or recreational use.


Stove in A Can Great for Emergencies

There is a clear need for every home to have a safe, affordable, reliable solution for cooking and boiling water.

Stove In A Can is Ideal for Emergencies

  • Superior Performance: Boils water in 5 minutes and cooks for 4 to 5 hours
  • Safe: Uses a non-explosive fuel source that is waterproof and can be stored indefinitely
  • Complete and Easy to Use: Includes stove, fuel, cooking platform, and waterproof matches

According to the American Red Cross, a disaster strikes every eight minutes. What will you use for cooking and heating?

  • Will it boil water and cook a full meal for a family?
  • Is it safe to store in your vehicle and your home?
  • Does it have an indefinite shelf life
  • Can you be ready to cook in 1-2 minutes?
  • Is the fuel source safe, non-toxic, and non-explosive?
  • Will it work in extreme weather conditions?
  • Can you store as much fuel as you want/need?
  • Is it lightweight and portable?

STOVE IN A CAN is the only stove in its class that can answer YES to all these essential requirements

The timing is right for a simple, understandable preparedness product that meets the most critical need—boiling water and cooking food

Did you know:

  • A disaster strikes every eight minutes (Red Cross)
  • Since 2005 every state in the U.S. has had at least one disaster declared (FEMA)
  • 9.7 Million people (over 3% of U.S. population) were impacted by Hurricane Katrina alone
  • 76% of Americans expect a major disaster within the next 5 years
  • Flooding, earthquakes, winter storms, hurricanes and tornadoes are all common occurrences
  • With an aging power grid, power outages are increasing in frequency and duration
  • In an emergency, essential services like water, gas, and electricity can be down for hours or even days
  • How will you ensure that your family can cook and have safe drinking water until help arrives?
Stove In A Can for Recreation

There is a clear need for a simpler, safer, more affordable, and more convenient solution for cooking and heating outdoors.

Stove In A Can is Great for Recreation

  • Affordable < $30 for complete stove and fuel
  • Convenient: Compact, lightweight, ready to cook in 1 minute
  • Durable: Can hold over 300lbs
  • Contained: Use where other fires are not permitted
  • Environmentally Friendly: Uses recycled materials and leaves no trace

STOVE IN A CAN provides a campfire-like experience whether in the mountains or in your own backyard.

STOVE IN A CAN is a great way to tailgate without hauling the backyard grill to the game. A simple, safe, complete and reliable way to cook those burgers and brats on game day.

  • Open flame, so you can roast hotdogs and marshmallows just like a real campfire
  • Small and fully contained, so safety concerns are mitigated
  • Increases frequency of use and provides repeat sales

Did you know:

  • Portable cooking options are limited and highly polarized
  • High-end, portable stoves target knowledgeable enthusiasts and not typical consumers
  • Market for these stoves is constrained by cost, complexity, and fuel danger cooking
  • Current stoves do not provide an open “campfire” flame for heating and cooking
  • Charcoal and open fire pit restrictions are increasing due to environmental trace and fire hazard concerns

Leave No Trace

Environmental Impact

QuickStove supports the “Leave No Trace” initiative. The Stove In A Can has been designed to reduce waste and lower environmental impact –

  • Uses all recycled or reusable materials
  • The packaging is the product
  • There is no additional packaging or fuel canister to dispose of
  • Fuel cells are made from all natural recycled material
recycle      leave no trace

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  1. Do you know if you can buy replacement fuel for these stoves, and if so, the price?

  2. I would be interested in purchasing SIAC and additional fuel cells.

  3. Maybe I missed it, but how many fuel cells come with the stove order? I’m looking to buy some after I talk it over with my husband.

    • There are 4 fuels cells in a can and if you want to order more on top of that then you can. Great question that I didn’t put in the post. I will fix that.

  4. Your asking price is midway between Solutions For Science and (unnamed) other source. Would prefer to help the school + appears to be reasonable price for extra fuel cells.
    Is 4 to 5 hour cooking time based on high heat (fuel ring) or low heat (no fuel ring)?
    Cook a weeks worth of meals with 4 fuel cells? Not much cooking in only 12 minutes each time, don’t think I can do that on my gas kitchen stove!! What is expected maximum size of pot or pan to cook meal in 12 minutes?
    Still believe useful for 3 to 10 day kit.
    Assume that other fuels can be used in stove if necessary??
    What would be my total price for 2 SIAC + 10 pack extra fuel cells + shipping to Zip Code 77084?

  5. Would like to order one. Thanks, Shari also have tried to email this to my daughters, but cant get it to work. When you email me for the info, could you please put a link I can forward to them?


  7. Would like to order one plus 10 pack extra fuel cells.

  8. Where do I go to pick them up and will anytime work?

  9. Valerie; This sounds like a great fund raiser. Could you give me some contact information. My daughter needs to raise money for a humanitarian trip she has been selected to participate in this May.

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