FHE Lesson – Teaching Families About Quiet Service

I have had some amazing experiences in the last month as I have had the opportunity to serve my husband’s Grandmother while she has gone through some really tough health issues.  The small and simple opportunities to serve have been so numerous that I have not been able to keep track of every one.  I have had so many testimony builders during this hard time for our family it has been amazing.  This last week my own Grandpa has come to a point in his life where he is now under hospice care. I have thought back on my life with him and how many times I have been able to serve him with small and simple things.  Just last week I was able to drive to Idaho Falls and sit with my Grandpa in the hospital for 2 hours and just listen to him talk.  How simple and yet how sweet my time with him was as we enjoyed each other’s company.  He has been a guiding influence throughout my whole life and the Priesthood holder in our home, as I come from a divorced family. My aunt told me the next day how much he couldn’t stop talking that I would drive 3 hours to just see him and visit with him.  It was such a simple thing to do and yet the blessings that came to the both of us and the treasures that were laid up in heaven were overflowing.  I encourage everyone to re-evaluate their lives as you study this lesson, to see where you can serve someone else by “small and simple things” and then watch how “great things come to pass” because of it.

Teaching Families About Quiet Service FHE PDF

Preparation:  Print out the “By small and simple things” Service Tokens for your family. Follow the instructions in the document to put it together before your FHE. Be sure there is enough for your whole family to use for the time frame you set as your goal in the lesson below.

Print out the Service Journal sticker front and place on small size notebook.  Sticker size is 3.5 x5.

Opening Song:  “Scatter Sunshine” Hymn 230 or “I Feel My Savior’s Love” CS 74

Opening Prayer:

Scripture:  Alma 37:6-7. Read this and discuss with your family what it means to them.  Remember to point out that, the gospel of Jesus Christ is simple, no matter how much we try to make it complicated. We should strive to keep our lives similarly simple, unencumbered by extraneous influences, focused on those things that matter most.


Read through the Conference Talk included in this packet.  I have highlighted important points that would be good to discuss with your family.  The overall goal for this FHE is to help your family realize that by small and simple things, great things happen.  Too many times in our lives we try to focus on what BIG and GREAT thing we can do.  Oftentimes these are done so as to receive praise from the world around us instead of for the purpose of serving others.  This is the backwards way of how our Heavenly Father wants us to perform service in His name.  We skip over and forget the simple ways to serve in life that bring about a much greater influence and blessing to those around us. We forget, as the young merchant did in the Conference talk, that in order to fill our pouch with treasures laid up in heaven, we have to perform those small, and sometimes what would seem menial acts of service, throughout our whole life.

Each morning in prayer we should be asking Heavenly Father, “Where can I serve today? What can I do for the Lord?”  By listening and being in tune with the Holy Ghost, it will lead us to those small ways to serve that will have the greatest impact in the lives of others.

Bear your testimony about how service has made a difference in your life.


Give each member of your family a small service journal.  In the front write the questions they should be asking Heavenly Father each morning in prayer.

  1. Where can I serve today?
  2. What can I do for the Lord?

This journal is to be used to write down the promptings of the Holy Ghost as they receive them during prayer and or during the day as the Spirit talks to us.

As each person performs an act of service, let them put a Service Token into a Service Jar that you have designated for the family.  Have them do this quietly and without fan fare.  Help them to understand that service is not about bragging to others of the things we did, but about quietly going about “our Father’s business.” In this, is the true act of service and charity shown to our Heavenly Father.  Set a goal with your family to reach a certain level in the jar and plan a Service party afterwards when the goal is met.  You could set it for a week or two weeks or even a whole month, to give the family time to really have the lesson sink into their hearts. During the Service Party let the family talk about ways in which THEY were served by OTHERS.  Remember to keep away from the bragging end and focus on the blessings the person who was served received because of someone else.

Closing Prayer:


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