FHE – Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

Elder L. Tom Perry gave a fabulous talk in Conference.  It is titled “The Sabbath and the Sacrament”.  He talks about why the Sabbath day is different and things we can do to keep it holy.  My kids struggle with this.  They don’t understand why they can’t play outside, ride their bikes and do everything they do all week long on a beautiful Sunday afternoon!  I struggle sometimes too.  It is much easier to send them outside but it is important to teach them about the Sabbath.  The Savior thought it was so important to rest from our labors that he set aside an entire day for that purpose.  I would suggest that you read and study the article and use the parts that apply to your family.  Here is the link:

The Sabbath and the Sacrament

Here is a sample layout:

Opening Song:  “Saturday” p. 196

Opening Prayer:

After the prayer ask the family why they think you picked the opening song.  What kinds of things can we do on Saturday to prepare for Sunday (i.e., get the house picked  up, get the laundry done, do the yard work, iron clothes to wear to church, etc.).  Why do we need to get all of our work done on Saturday?

Elder L. Tom Perry said:  “In the fourth chapter of Timothy, we read:  ‘These things command and teach… Be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.’  I can think of no better way for us to begin or continue to be an example of the believers than in our observance of the Sabbath Day.  Beginning with the Creation of the world, one day was set apart from all others.  ‘…Six days shalt thou labor, and do all they work:  But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord they God… Wherefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day and hallowed it.’

Discussion:  What kinds of things should we NOT do on the Sabbath?  (Allow your family to participate in this discussion.  Ask them why they shouldn’t be doing these things and have them think about it.)

Then ask:  What kinds of things should we DO on the Sabbath?  (This is harder!  You can use our Sabbath Activity jar for some fun ideas (see below). )

During this discussion you may want to read excerpts from the article.  I really loved the point Elder Perry made about how the Sabbath should always include worship and why (this included a discussion of Sacrament meeting and why it’s the most important part of our Sunday worship – taking the Sacrament helps us to renew our covenants and remember our Savior).  I also talked about the way we dress (so many of us are very casual in our Sunday best dress these days) and resting from our labors.  I love the idea of serving others on the Sabbath, writing in your journal, working on Faith in God or scouts.  There are so many things you can do that will bring you closer to the Savior.

The purpose of the Sabbath is to remember the Savior, to rest from our labors and to do things that will bring us closer to Him.  If we do these things, we will be prepared to make the right decisions during our week and we will be inviting the Spirit into our lives.

Activity:  Have each person pick something out of the Sabbath Activity Jar.  Talk about why that particular thing is a good thing to do on the Sabbath.  Tell your family that you will be putting the jar out on Sunday so they can choose something appropriate to do.

Sabbath Day Jar Sheets

Our family made a NO ELECTRONICS rule on Sunday recently.  It has really helped us to have a better spirit in our home on Sunday morning.  Just a thought. 🙂

Closing Prayer

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  1. I am doing a sharing time about reverence for my 5th Sunday in Primary and this will a be perfect addition! Thanks so much!

  2. I was wondering I’m can’t make this type of stuff so do you think that you could some how make an empty template of the slips that say different things to do so that I can just type some extra’s in. I would appreciate it; Thank you.

  3. Thanks for all this. Just starting to do this with our family.

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