A Christ Centered Easter – Celebrating Easter Week

I am so excited for everyone to see this post.  I have to give a HUGE thanks to the following resources which I used to bring everything together into one place and one item: A Christ Centered Easter by Janet and Joe Hales, and the following Conference talks; Believing Christ, Reflections on the Savior, The Greatest Week in History, The Victory over Death.  This was truly a labor of love and I am completely excited for each and everyone of you to use this with your family.

The standard Easter week long celebration usually starts with Palm Sunday Triumphal Entry by Christ.  However, after much research I felt it important to include the previous weeks journeys into the celebration.  So I have added a day to the celebration.  Our family will begin this on the Saturday that is 2 Saturday’s before Easter.  Which is April 16th this year.  You may choose to include this in yours or not, but it IS an important part of Christ’s life leading up to His Resurrection.  The way this works is you take each day and follow the instructions on the card.  Each day has a prophecy scripture, suggested reading scriptures to use, discussion topics, and activities to do.  I have also included a description of the day that you can use for your family in order to explain what was happening that particular day.  Everything you need is either in the PDF or a link has been provided on this blog.  Please pray carefully about how this would best work in your family and follow the guidance of the spirit in your life.

I have a STRONG testimony of including Christ in our lives each and every day, not just during the holidays.  I KNOW, through a sacred experience, that he KNOWS my name.  Undeniably, I know He knows it.  He knows who I am and wants nothing more for me than to have me come back to Him one day.  I know He lives and I pray that what you find here will inspire you to draw closer to Christ.  This work that I did was inspired by Him for you to use to help those around you.  Use it, love the teachings by our prophets, and make it a part of your daily life.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

The PDF for this is a LARGE file.  It is 63 MB, so be patient when downloading.

A Christ Centered Easter

Just a quick picture of what you are downloading….ignore all the other download buttons.  This will be true of any file you download from our blog.

What Mediafire download looks like

If you want to share this with others, please link us.  It shows your gratitude in all the work we do to share with you and your family.  Thanks!


Mormon Messages Videos:

His Sacred Name: An Easter Declaration

An Apostle’s Easter Thoughts on Christ

Sunday Will Come

He Lives

Link to other places that can help you in your celebration:

How to make your own oil lamp.

Triumphal entry play

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  1. I love you site. It has saved my skin so many times when I need a good idea to prove a point. Plus I love all the extra hints and ideas that you have for running a house and home. Thank you for all the hard work you do!

  2. A-MAZ-ING! I love it!
    Thanks Bybes for sharing such an inspired gift!

  3. Valerie,
    This is from President Uchtdorf’s Sunday morning Conference talk, “There are times when the Lord reveals to us things that are intended only for us. Nevertheless, in many, many cases He entrusts a testimony of the truth to those who will share it with others.” As I was reading this post, his words came into my mind as I thought of you! We indeed owe you the HUGE thank you for sharing this with us, but mostly for sharing your testimony. Thank you. Jess

    • Jessica,

      You are a gem!! Thank you so much for such a beautiful comment you left. That’s exactly how I felt about sharing my testimony this time. I have never shared it in a formal way and I felt impressed to do so. I hope it can touch people’s lives so they will in turn draw closer to Christ. Thank you for always sharing your gratitude with me and the other girls here at My Heart & Home.


  4. Excellent job! So excited to do this with my family! Thank you for your HARD WORK, and sharing it with us.

  5. I’m having trouble with the download. Can you help? Is there a way to just open the file and print from there?

  6. Love this Easter idea. Thank u

  7. I must be having an off day with technology because I can’t figure out how to download this. Could you give me some pointers? I can tell I’m late getting this started, but I figure anything is better than nothing. Thank you so much for sharing your testimony and creativity!

    • It’s pretty simple. Just click on the Christ Centered Easter link and it will bring you to a mediafire page. That is the website I use to put all my pdf’s on so people can download them. The one problem with Media Fire that I don’t like is that there are so many ads that people can click on without actually clicking on the file to download. The trick is to find where it has the name of the file and click on the download button right below it. In all cases of my files it has always been in the center of the page. After you click on it, give it time to download. It is a HUGE file. Let me know if you have any other problem’s.

      • I tried that but it was forcing me to download a new (and unfamiliar) program to download it with. Maybe I hit an ad instead????

        • Yes, you did hit an ad instead. I definitely do not like media fire because of all their confusing ad download things…..alas, it is the only free website that I can download HUGE files to without charging me anything.

          • I tried it again today and was able to get it to download this time. Yay! Thanks!!!! I’ve only skimmed through it but can’t wait to read through the whole thing.

  8. THANK YOU! I tried again today and got it to download. It wasn’t showing the download button when I first tried. Thank you, thank you! I am loving your site!!!

    • I am so glad it is working for you. I need to post more often but life gets busy and my family comes first. Enjoy your Easter! I would love for you to come back and comment on how it went for your family…good or bad.

      • I understand busy, six littles and it’s a wonder I can find time to get on and get awesome ideas such as yours! Thank you for all you do. I will let you know how it goes.

  9. What is the love at home chart you refer to on the last day of this activity?

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