Menu Planning – Menu Item Cards

Planning menus can be a huge dilemma for some people.  Others find writing the shopping list a pain.  I started using my Menu Item Cards years and years ago.  After 5 years of using them and sometimes no doing so good using them, I can testify to you that my life is so much smoother when I use the tools I have to be better organized.  When I don’t, my life is hectic and meal time is not that great, nutritious, or even very budget conscience.  The other thing I like is that my family knows what we are having for the next 2 weeks when I use this.  No more, “What’s for dinner?”  They know exactly where to look to find the answer to that question. (Our video on our Step 8c gives you great information on our menu item cards as well.)

What is a Menu Item Card?   It’s about the size of a business card and it lists the items that you have for one meal.  Laminate the card, attach a magnet and place it on your fridge.  Everyone, including you,  can see exactly what you have for dinner during the week.  Once you’ve made your yummy meal, take the card off the fridge and store it for the next time you make it for dinner.  I love being able to see ahead of time what I am making.  The headache and stress of trying to plan “what’s for dinner”, at the last minute, is gone.  It not only saves me time in making dinner, but it saves me time and money at the grocery store.

The PDF that we have available for you to print is our actual Menu Item Cards.  It is a fill in PDF and you can even save it too, if you need to come back and work on it at a later time.  On a seperate piece of paper, list all of the meals you want to have for the week. You can also add snacks and extras. This helps you feed your kids nutritious snacks as well as balanced meals. The order in which meals are made can be changed, but no matter what, you will have the ingredients to make meals every day for two weeks (or whatever time period you plan for).  Once you have all your meals listed, you can then start typing them up on the cards.  For example, this is how I would type up one of my cards:

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Mashed Potatoes

Sweet Corn



Remember that on another Menu Item Card you could list the main dish but have other sides.  Writing down your meals this way helps you to realize just how many possibilities there are to your menu choices.  I have included my Word Document that I used when first typing up my cards.  It has my Menu’s already listed as well as somethings you might not have thought about.  If you are like me, I like to copy and paste, rather then rewrite.   You are welcome to use any of my meal suggestions to help start you off on the right path.

Once again, these are Tricia’s creation wayyyyy back before we even started our company.  The older ones have different graphics, but the concept has stayed the same.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. The next time I get a “mom, what’s for dinner?” I can now say “Check the Fridge!” 🙂 Great idea.

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