Step 8d – Organizing your Cookbook and Recipes

I don’t know about anyone else, but I had tons of recipes stuffed in my previous recipe book because they weren’t the same size as my recipe holder.  It got to the point that I had so many that were loose, that there would be an avalanche when I would take my book out.  It was time for an overhaul.  Luckily our Relief Society did a Fantastic Friday on just such an idea.  After taking a good look at it, I decided that it’s what I wanted and yet it wasn’t exact.  So I tweeked it just for me and now I am sharing the idea with you.  I found all my supplies at the Deseret Industries, except for the tabbed pocket dividers, which a I found at an office supply store. The most expensive part were the dividers and I think those were about 5-7 dollars.  I will take pictures today and add them to my post so that you can see a close up view of the different parts of the cookbook.  I have LOVED LOVED LOVED using this and I love having it on the counter as a wonderful display and easy access to all my recipes.  I will also work on getting my dividers finished, so if you would like to use them you can.  I really am not sure of all the different creators of digital scrapbook pieces I used.  I hope to make a good list and put it on.  A special thanks to those people who created these wonderful pieces digitally!!!

By taking the time to go through and organize your recipes, it will make your menu planning and shopping list making a much faster and more efficient job to do.  Taking less time to do these tasks means more time for your family, yourself, and even more money in your wallet!

Main Cover Page:



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