General Conference – Questions & Answers

I love listening to General Conference, it’s 2 of my favorite times of the year.  I know that Heavenly Father has special messages for me if I can only focus and listen.  So, how can I do that with teenagers and young children?  Well, I feel lucky when I can remember what was said 2 hours after it was said. Last year, I started using my scripture study journal to write down my thoughts and impressions of Conference.  I can say for sure that every FHE Lesson, or idea that I have created something for, then shared with you, came from inspiration during our last General Conference.  I felt the Lord touch my heart through different speakers and was able to write down those promptings where I could reference them later and remember those inspirations I felt and heard.  So here is my challenge to you for Sunday’s Conference:  Find a notebook, big or small, or even use your journal if you would like and take notes during one of the sessions.  Note any difference, even how you felt as you were trying to not just listen but study the words of the Prophet and Apostles.  I promise that even with all the distractions that come from family time, you will get something, even if it’s a small glimmer of inspiration.

The other challenge I give to you is to write down your questions that you have.  It can be related to ANYTHING that you feel you are in need of answers or help for.  Then, keeping these in your journal, (I like to print them on crack and peel and place them in my journal) write down the impressions or answers you get.  I promise you, that if you go prayerfully with a question or questions, Heavenly Father will give you help in someway at some point during Conference.  I would love to hear back from anyone who would like to share their story, after Conference.  In turn, I will share mine, by creating and creating just for all of you.

Meanwhile, our family will be building their tents tonight in preparation for the first session of Conference, where we will listen, be inspired, use our Conference packets, and play a little Conference Bingo too!

Questions & Answers Card 8.5×11

Questions & Answers Card 3×5

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