General Conference Activities and Packets

Now a days, with technology so prevalent, there are oodles of places you can go to get General Conference ideas.  Today, we thought we would make a list for you of different websites you can visit.  There are tons of great ideas out there that you can use for your family this weekend.  Be sure to say thanks if you use someone’s idea.  Gratitude is always appreciated. 🙂

Our blog, our course, is a great place for FHE ideas, activities, and our famous Conference Bingo.  Just click on the link under the categories menu, to your left, that says General Conference Games & Ideas.

Then there is Tricia’s preparedness blog that has oodles and oodles of different ideas. She even has one on today.  Preparednotscared

SugarDoodle is always a great resource! They have Conference Packets and many more items for your family.

I found this YWBelive blog by accident, but it has a great idea for YW and General Conference. is another great resource.  I have used it for V.T. as well,lots of times.

The Red Headed Hostess is another blog I found stumbling through the internet.  Way cute ideas for General Conference.

A fun filled blog that has some really cute ideas to read and to link to. A Mama B’s

If any of you have other blogs or websites you have found that people would be interested in, just leave a comment with the address and I will add it to our post.

Tomorrow, watch for some fun ideas you can do for the Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon session.  We will also have a freebie that you can  use for your family throughout the whole conference.

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  1. Angela Spencer

    You used to have a Visiting Teaching General Conference Card that was really cute. I have used it before, but now have new sisters I visit and thought it would be a good idea again. Unfortunatly I haven’t been able to find it on your site. It went with a note pad, bubble bath, ect.. If you have a copy of that could I possibly get it?
    Thank You, Angela

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