Seeking Christ in our Lives

With Easter coming up on us next month, Tracey and I wanted to focus on starting Family Home Evenings with the theme of Christ in them.  I hope you enjoy this little creation!

Seeking Christ

“ . . . those that seek me early shall find me.”

Proverbs 8:17

The family will learn what they must do to find Christ in their lives.

l. Prepare the clue cards by following the directions given below.
2. Place a picture of Christ where the final clue reads.
Suggested Song:
“Seek the Lord Early” Children’s Songbook, page 108.

This is a fun activity of reading scriptures to help us learn what we must do to find Christ in our lives. It also allows us to look up other scriptures as clues that will help lead us in our search for Christ. At each stop, spend time discussing the topic and scripture mentioned on the clue card. Continue the search by reading the scripture listed on the card that contains the next clue. After all the clues have been read and the picture of Christ has been found, close by sharing your testirnony of Christ.

Set card 1 aside for your family to use in beginning their search for Christ.
Place card #2 in a cup.
Place card #3 on a pillow.
Place card #4 by a salt shaker.
Place card #5 in the oven.
Place card #6 by something musical (piano, stereo, instrument, etc.).
Place card #7 by a furnace or heater.
Place card #8 by an iron.
Place card #9 by a sewing machine or needlework.
Place card #10 in a closet.
Place card #11 by a water faucet.
Place card #12 by a window.
Place card #13 by soap or detergent.
Place card #14 with a picture of Christ by a bright lamp.

Seeking Christ in Our Lives

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing all your great ideas and activities. It makes having FHE so much easier.

  2. Just got home . . . doctor for my son and a 12 hour car ride later . . . I really need this tonight! Thank you ladies. Mine is printing as we speak. It will be a 10 bedtime tonight, but WORTH IT! LOVE IT! Thanks. Jess

    • Jess,

      LOOOOOOOONG day for you too???? Yeah, I needed to create this one today as well. Looks like we both needed a little more Christ like seeking in our lives. Thanks for letting me know. Hope all is well with your son.

  3. I LOVE this idea!!! I looks like the perfect way to kick off the Easter season for my family. But I’m having a problem opening the file. Any suggestions???

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