Lucky the Leprechaun Neighborhood Packet

Here is another great fun idea for today.  Do you have anyone who is new to the neighborhood or even just someone you want to tell them how much you appreciate them?  This Lucky packet is perfect for just such an occasion.

Use the small Lucky pictures, put in a small name badge holder with a little gold dust in side it.  You can use the gold coins included in here, purchase some plastic gold coins, or use a real gold dollar. Sprinkle gold dust around the coin as you put it on the door step. Ring the doorbell, run and hide, and don’t get caught! To prevent fighting over LUCKY’s coin, you can add chocolates and extra new pennies for all the children in the house.

I have included a picture of what it can look like if you want to put it on their doorstep.  This is a perfect way to end such a lucky day for the whole family!  Thanks to Tricia who created this back in 2008.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!!

Lucky the Leprechaun Neighborhood Packet

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