St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

Two years ago, we published some really great ideas for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.  This year we want to do something a little different.

What, if any, celebration traditions do you do with your family, friends, classrooms, etc?

For everyone who leaves a comment on something they LOVE to do, your name will be entered into a drawing for a Mother’s Day Coupon book.  You can choose from the youth, teenager, spouse, or friend series.

Just think, you could be preparing WAAAAAAAYYYY in advance, if you won!

Here is a link to our past post on ideas: Lucky Leprechaun Strikes Again

On the left of this blog there is a link for March.  Click that and you will see all our past ideas and even some freebies in there too.

THANK YOU Jessica for your wonderful comment. You inspired me to create a small thing for everyone.  So, as following Jessica’s explanation, here is a Lucky the Leprechaun for you to use.  (This is the Lucky that Tricia originally created.)  There are two different sizes to choose from.  Print it out and laminate, then hide Lucky somewhere kooky in your house.  Whoever happens to find him gets to choose where he hides next.  I am sure your family will come up with some pretty weird places to hide him! 🙂

Find Lucky Game Pieces

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  1. Yay! another contest. My family’s traditions are pretty typical. . . as much green food as possible, leprechaun leaves a trail of gold candy, and of course everyone must wear green!
    We also have a quick discussion about the three leaf clover representing the Godhead, etc
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone.

  2. I grew up in Cal. When we would search for clovers in our grass 99.9% of the ones we found had 3 leaf. Every once and a while if you were lucky you might find a 4 leaf clover. That meant you would have good luck all day.

    • Jeana,
      I too remember searching for a 4 leaf clover. It brings back fond memories of spending summer days laying around in the grass looking for luck!

  3. Hey Valerie,
    It’s kind of kooky, but we have Scottish blood . . . long story about Grandpa Kirk short. . . our tradition is to wear ORANGE on St. Patricks day! (my school age kids don’t always do this, but my husband and toddler and I do) but then we do try and use the word “green” in as many sentences as we can, just for funsies . . . replacing other words with “green” and we ALWAYS go on a walk and find as much green as we can. Then we give thanks! Oh and we have a printed out Leprechaun that we hide from each other, laminated so it can be at the bottom of cereal bowls, it ends up in the craziest places! Told you we were kooky 🙂 Jess

  4. St. Patrick used the 3-leaf clover (or shamrock)to teach people about the trinity. Since my family is LDS, we use the same idea to remind our family about the Godhead, using Article of Faith 1. The shamrock has three separate leaves but are joined together on the same stem. Similar to how Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are separate beings but are united and work together “as one” Godhead.
    Here are some Ensign Articles to reference:
    Articles of Faith: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost AND
    First Presidency Message: In These Three I Believe. If you have any more questions, Just ask 🙂

  5. We always build a leprechaun trap together as a family. The leprechaun plays all kinds of tricks like turning the milk green, turning chairs upside down, removing couch cushions, etc. Then leprechaun leaves a box of Lucky Charms and other green treats.

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