Nephi’s Broken Bow FHE Lesson

Opening Song: Nephi’s Courage p. 120 CS

Opening Prayer:


Tell the account of Nephi’s broken bow (see 1 Nephi 16:18–32). Review the account by using the arrows provided below.  On each arrow attach the corresponding question.  After all of the questions are answered, explain that Nephi served his family by working hard, being cheerful, and being forgiving. Point to each arrow and ask the children to liken (see “Likening,” TNGC, 170–71) the quality written on the arrow to their own families. Ask for specific examples such as “I could share a treat I received with my little brother.”

1.  Why were Nephi’s brothers angry with him?  (1 Nephi 16:18)


(We can show compassion instead of anger.  Nephi did not break his bow on purpose.  Is it better to get angry or work together to solve the problem?)

2.  Why were they so hungry?  (1 Nephi 16:19)


(Do we ever go hungry?  Do we hunt for our food?  We are very blessed.)

3.  How did Laman and Lemuel react when they returned to camp with no food? (1 Nephi 16:20)


(It is important to support one another.  We should not murmur against our parents or our siblings.

4.  Why couldn’t the others obtain food?  (1 Nephi 16:21)


(We need tools to accomplish what we have been given to do.  We can work together to make the tools we need to be successful – it could be as easy as helping a younger brother or sister with their homework.)

5.  Who did Nephi ask for direction in where to hunt?  (1 Nephi 16:23)


(We have been given parents that can help us.  We can answer questions and help you when you are making a choice.)

6.  How did Lehi know where to get food?  (1 Nephi 16:24-26)


(We should always pray for direction morning and night.)

7.  Where did Nephi go to obtain food?  (1 Nephi 16:30)


(The Holy Ghost is our Liahona.  If we listen to the still small voice it will guide us to do what is right, protect us and comfort us when we need it.)

8.  What did they do when they got the food?  (1 Nephi 16:32)


(Make sure you take time to say thank you both to our Heavenly Father for all of our blessings and to those that serve you – your parents, your teachers, your brothers and sisters, etc.)


Since we are a hunting family, my boys went out to shoot their bows for our activity.  We did this ahead of the lesson so we could refer back to it.  You can also find bows at the dollar store that the kids love to shoot at targets.  You can talk about how hard it would have been to hunt for every meal.

Another idea is to have each member of your family pick one of the things that this lesson talks about that they can work on this week.  Have them write it down on one of the blank arrows so that they can post it somewhere to remind them.  Then check back next week to see how they did.

Closing Prayer:


Nephi’s Broken Bow

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  1. Great Lesson. Thanks for sharing.

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