Valentine’s Day Games

Need a last minute game?
This one is big enough to include a whole class
so room mothers have no fear . . .
The Valentine’s Day Bingo Is Here!!!
(It’s called Be Mine!)
The packet contains 24 Game Boards
and 24 Calling Cards.
If you need more than 24, just make a few extra
copies.  I don’t think the kids will mind
if a couple of them get “BE MINE” at the same time!
Give each child a card and a box of conversation hearts
to mark the squares, and let the game begin!
Here’s the PDF:
Thank You Valerie for the AMAZING PDF!!!
Remember Alphagraphics would love to print these for you
and they already have the files so you don’t need to bring them in.
If you look closely at each of the squares,
you will notice the potential for
Individual Valentine’s Day Cards.
I LOVE Valentine’s Day . . .
so a couple
of years ago I made some Valentine Heart Attack’s
for my family.
They were tons of fun to create and even more fun to give!


I will be posting the cards and treat ideas to go with
They’re perfect for family, friends and neighbors
and they only take a few minutes to put together!

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  1. Those are fantastic! THANK YOU!!!

  2. I Love it!!!!! Thank you so much!!! sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!

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