Valentine’s Day Bingo for Preschoolers!

The Preschool Version

of the Valentine’s Day Bingo includes the COLORS

Purple, Blue, Aqua, Green, Yellow, Orange,

Pink, Red, Brown, Gray, and Black . . .

and the NUMBERS


Don’t you just love it when kids

can LEARN while they PLAY?!?

This set includes 24 Game Boards

and 24 Calling Cards.

Here’s the PDF:

Pre-School Be Mine Bingo

Don’t Forget the candy!

You can use:

Conversation Hearts

Red Hots

Valentine’s Day M&M’s


Whatever you can find on sale!



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  1. My kids just love having friends over to
    Play all your holiday BINGO games!!

  2. sooooooo cute!!!!!!! I love it!

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