Gratitude and Seventeen Second Miracles Given to Us Every Day! Part 2

Today was an amazing day for me and my family.  I had the opportunity to celebrate the wonderful life of my husband’s grandmother as we attended her funeral.  Grandma was a kind and loving person and always had more time than I ever knew for those who surrounded her.  The one thing I remember about her was her statement of, “Valerie, how are you doing today?”  It wasn’t ever those blanket statements people make now a days.  She truly really wanted to know and she made me feel important and loved and cherished just by those few words.  It goes along perfectly with today’s lesson.  I hope everyone can find sometime to make others around them feel just as loved.

Following our previous post about the Seventeen Second Miracles, we wanted to give you an actual Family Home Evening Lesson to follow and give your family, based on the book and President Monson’s talk.  This week we will focus on Jason F. Wright’s “The Seventeen Second Miracle” book.  Last time we focused on President Monson’s talk.

Preparation:  Get a small notebook for each member of your family if you don’t already have one from the previous lesson.  Something in the size of 4×6 or smaller.  Don’t make it too small as it may be hard to write in.  On the front put a sticker that covers the whole cover and write on it the name of your child, then Seventeen Second Miracles.  At the bottom write “Everyday miracles given to me.”

Opening Song:  “Have I Done Any Good” Hymn 223 or “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus” CS 78

Scripture:  John 13:15, 34 Talk about what these verses mean.  Jesus showed the ultimate example to us and his mission was 3 fold: 1.The Atonement.  2. Teach the Gospel to the earth.  3. To set an example.  If we want to be more like Christ then we must do as he has done.  To set an example for all those around us and to love one another as he loves us.


To set an example for those around us is sometimes a very hard thing to do.  Living in the world that we do, Satan’s temptations flood our very eye sight, mind, and everything else he can, to try and trip us up and stop us from returning to Heavenly Father.  At times it’s hard to love others who have done wrong to us or even to those whom we might judge unknowingly.  Yet, Christ was the perfect example of loving others unconditionally, no matter what their sin or the life they lived.  He judged not upon the outward appearance but upon the heart.  As we do not have that ability to judge other’s hearts we must love others as Jesus would love them.  Serving those around us is one of the best ways to show that love.

Sometimes we think we do not have time to give of ourselves to others.  Sometimes it seems that we are doing our best just to “get by” and “make it to the end of the day”.  Yet, we all have seventeen seconds of our life that we can share, each and every day.  It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular that you do.  It can be opening a door for a stranger, giving a smile to someone who looks sad, allowing another person to get in front of you in a line, reading a story to a young child, writing a letter to a grandparent.  Though some of these may take longer than seventeen seconds, others will be much shorter.

Jason F. Wright wrote a wonderful book called “The Seventeen Second Miracle”.  (Try to check this out from your local library, if possible.  It really brings everything together and creates a wonderful connection to everything you are teaching.)  If you have the book, please read the story of Rex, Sparks, and Flick, and relate the story of his first encounter with the lady at Woolworth’s.  Talk to your family about the importance of taking just 17 seconds out of your day to do something for someone else.  If you have a stopwatch or just a way to keep track of the seconds, have everyone be silent while 17 seconds ticks away.  Then ask them what those seconds felt like.  To some it will seem like a long time and to others it may be very short.

Challenge your family to be more giving to others around them by performing some act of kindness for someone else, reminding them it may only take 17 seconds of their life. Bare your testimony of how powerful one act of kindness can be to someone else and how it can make you closer to Christ.  It can even change your life.

Closing Prayer:



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