Step 8b – Mixes, cookie dough and breakfast repeat

So we covered freezer meals and cooking in bulk in step 8a.  Now we are moving on to mixes, frozen cookie dough and the breakfast repeat.

Mixes can make mornings easy if they are made ahead of time.  Of coarse if you like Jiffy or Bisquick those are always good too.  However, it is a good idea to find some recipes that you like.  You can make healthier choices that way and you can also make them from your food storage!  Making them up ahead of time and only having to add the wet ingredients makes for a quick and easy morning.

Frozen cookie dough can be a lifesaver if you need a treat in a hurry.  What is it about life these days that we are always in a hurry???  Get together with friends and make it a party.  Everyone brings their favorite recipe and the ingredients to make a whole bunch of them and then you make them up and swap recipes together.  It is so much fun and you have your treats for Family Home Evenings the next couple of months!

Breakfast repeat is a fabulous idea.  Thanks Tricia!  Most mornings are crazy and hectic.  Just getting my little ones of out of bed and dressed can be a challenge.  Then there is making breakfast, lunches, brushing teeth, getting shoes on (is there anything worse???) and then getting to the car (is that a 10 minute process for anyone else?).  Anyway, not having to think about breakfast makes life a little easier.  The idea is to make a list of what you will eat for breakfast Sunday through Saturday.  Then post this somewhere in your kitchen and add all the items to your shopping list.  You will no longer have to ask the question “what do you want for breakfast?”  and you will no longer hear the phrase “we’ve had oatmeal everyday this week!”  Planning ahead always makes the day start a little smoother.  It may free up just enough time to read a few verses of scripture and have family prayer in the morning. 🙂

Here is our freebie for you.  Enjoy!

Breakfast Repeat Planner

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