Gratitude and Seventeen Second Miracles Given to Us Every Day!

Following our previous post about the Seventeen Second Miracles, we wanted to give you an actual Family Home Evening Lesson to follow and give your family, based on the book and President Monson’s talk.  This week we will focus on President Monson’s talk and in February we will bring in Jason F. Wright’s “The Seventeen Second Miracle” book.  This will give you time to buy it or check it out from the library and read it.  The lesson is listed below or your can download it in a PDF:

Preparation:  Get a small notebook for each member of your family.  Something in the size of 4×6 or smaller.  Don’t make it too small as it may be hard to write in.  On the front put a sticker that covers the whole cover and write on it the name of your child, then Seventeen Second Miracles.  At the bottom write “Everyday miracles given to me.”

Opening Song:  “Count Your Blessings” Hymn 241 or “I Am Glad for Many Thing” CS 151

Opening Prayer:

Scripture:  Doctrine & Covenants 78:17-19 and Alma 34:38  Read these and discuss with your family what they mean to them.  Remember to point out that Heavenly Father blesses us through the lives of other people around us.  More often than not that is how our prayers are answered or how he shares his tender mercies with us every day.


How often do we notice the service of those around us.  I bet many times during the day we pass over what other’s do for us without even realizing it. Did someone open the door for you today?  Give you a smile, when you were feeling bad?  Sent you a letter in the mail, let you be first or ahead of them in line, or even had a story read to you?  We do not always realize how much our Heavenly Father is showing his love for us through others.  These acts of kindness may not have taken someone else longer than seventeen seconds to do. Other’s might have taken longer.  What matters is that they did it.

President Monson gave a wonderful talk in the 2010 October session of General Conference.  He talked of gratitude and how we, as a people, need to express it more to those around us.  (Read the highlighted part of the talk included in the lesson packet through page 88. If you have time, also read of the story of Gordon Green then stop there.)


Give each of your family members a notebook with their name on it.  Then challenge each one to write down an act of kindness that was given to them that day and put the date.  Keep track of your own little miracles that happen to you and after one month have another lesson and talk about how it made you feel as you contemplated one act of kindness given to you that day. (We will have the lesson available for your family on our blog.) The journal is only for recording the blessings given to you from someone else.  Read the next part in President Monson’s talk highlighted on page 89.

Challenging your family to be more grateful and bare your testimony of how powerful gratitude can be and how it can make you closer to Christ.  It can even change your life.

Closing Prayer:


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