Give away challenge!!! Get rid of your STUFF.

I just came back from the Deseret Industries and my suburban is empty of all my stuff!!!  Before going there I had purged my basement of anything and everything I hadn’t used in the last year or even two.  After loading my stuff in the suburban there was no where for my children to sit.  Luckily they were either at school or playing with a friend this morning.  Nothing was safe in my house as I went through getting rid of anything I could.  It was an amazing feeling as I got started and the more I went through the more I kept chucking.  Now I just have to make a run to the recycling center to get rid of all the paper and cardboard stuff I got rid of.  Do you notice a theme going on here after reading the first few sentences of this post.  It’s all STUFF!!!  Nothing meaningful was given away because my meaningful items were not crammed down in a basement room or closet or storage area someplace.  They are on display or kept in a nice place where I can see them. It was such a freeing experience and I love it when I clean out my stuff.  (So does my husband too!)  The fever even swept over to my oldest and second oldest as they went through, on their own, and started putting their stuff in the D.I. pile.  (It was a tender mercy moment realizing that the lessons I am trying to teach really are getting through to them.) (Wiping a tear hear.)  Sooooo after being sooooo energized, I wanted to give our readers the same feeling.


Pick one place, just one for now, unless your feeling the moment then just keep going and going until you can’t go anymore, and get rid of your stuff.  Maybe you start with getting rid of 25% of what’s in your closet, maybe 50%, and if you are feeling really really ambitious like I was, 80%.  Most of the items you are holding onto NEVER get used anyway, you just don’t realize it. This is a CLASSIC Step 3 process.

Anyone who wants to take before and after pictures and send them to me at, I will create a special post just for displaying everyone’s WONDERFUL  accomplishments!!  And I will just put first names on the pictures or no name at all if you would like to be anonymous.  I LOVE celebrating with you, even the small moments are still moments to celebrate.

So pick your place right now. It can be a drawer, a shelf, a closet, a room, or even a few rooms.  Take a before picture so you can realize where you came from and where you end up.

Then leave a comment on here as to how you did and you can even give your totals.  For example:  “I gave away 5 bags of stuff to the D.I., threw out 3 bags in the trash, and gave away 1 bag to a person in need.”

All those who enter by leaving a comment will have their name entered in a drawing for a Valentine’s Love Note Packet.  (See, yesterday’s post for a picture of what it looks like.)  I will choose 2 names from the list.  You must enter by January 21st.  That gives you 2 weeks to start, work on, and finish your project.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!  Can’t wait to here from everyone!

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  1. My husband and I took the challenge to clean out our shed. It was so full of “what nots” that you could hardly step inside. It took us two whole days to complete this task. Once we were done, we ended up with our Expedition fully loaded with things we dropped off to “Charity”, and a large trailer piled sky high of trash we dropped off at the dump. I couldn’t believe we had let it get that bad. It sure is nice to know where everything is, not to mention how nice it is to be able to walk around in it now. Thanks for the challenge. 🙂

  2. I have gone through my kitchen drawers and cupboards.

  3. Okay I finished most of the major overhaul today. . . in closets, under beds (I only had to scream (and RUN) once!) And like you, my Suburban was filled to the max! That’s a lot of stuff! Thanks for the challenge, it motivated me to do something that has been slowly creeping to the bottom of my list of things to do for MONTHS now! (It did make me feel a little silly for letting SO much gather without just organizing it all sooner! It made more work for me is all! I told my husband that I didn’t realize how much extra stuff we had and he said “boy I sure did”!)

    • Jessica,

      You sound just like me!!!! It was AMAZING to see how much stuff I could give away, and the more I did the more I wanted to just keep giving stuff away. It was such a fantastic feeling inside when I was all done. You’re husband sounds just like mine!! It’s funny how another person’s perspective can give us a little more insight to ourselves, even if we don’t want to hear it. 😉

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