How to make your missing sock drawer go extinct . . . Yes we are serious!

I think everyone must have a sock drawer somewhere in their house.  A place where singular socks go when the washer, dryer, or dog has eaten the other match, yet we keep them because we know, for sure, that one day it will be regurgitated and the infamous missing sock will be found.  At My Heart & Home we have a solution for just such a problem and it’s as simple as a very hard piece of plastic:  The Sock Clip!!!!  This particular clip is made of all plastic, no metal allowed.  (There are lots of these clips around but be careful that you only get ones that are all plastic.)

I have so many that I haven’t bought them for a few years, but you can usually find them at KMart, ShopKo, or Target in the laundry isle.  KMart had the best prices.  I have also found them at Albertson’s as well.  Do not get the imitation knock-off kind that have metal in them.

That little “C” part of the sock clip can be snapped onto a hanger if you want to hang the socks with an outfit already picked out.  It’s also great for when you go on trips and need to put church socks with the church clothes all on one hanger.

Just clip the socks together as shown above and throw them in the dirty clothes.

These can go right into your washer, straight to the dryer, and into your families individual drawers for their socks.  Cut the missing sock problem in half or even make it extinct.

A great way to encourage the use of these clips is to use the “I Will Go and Do” Tokens combined with the Good Job Jar.  Reward them for their obedience in using these new items and then slowly wean them off of the idea that they get a token for every 2 pair of socks found in their dirty clothes that are clipped together.  I promise it will make a HUGE difference in getting your family to use these and go along with this fantastic solution for laundry.

Watch the video for a few more instructions and a good look at how to implement these wonderful inventions.

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  1. I see the genius in these! But I searched and can’t find them… Any hints? I’d love to implement this!

    • Mellissa,

      Just added in the blog where to get them, but I will put them in here too:
      I have so many that I haven’t bought them for a few years, but you can usually find them at KMart, ShopKo, or Target in the laundry isle. KMart had the best prices. I have also found them at Albertson’s as well.

  2. Where have you been my whole life?! You are amazing. Sadly things like sock pins just don’t occur to me! I thought about sending you a picture of my SOCK LAUNDRY BASKET (that is taller than my toddler) where all the evil socks go. I haven’t worn matching socks in months . . . it’s too time consuming to sort the socks. Every once in a while my husband braves the basket, but has to be bribed first! Thank you for this post! I am so going to use this! Oh and our good job jar (treasure) is going great! I got my 9 year old (who thinks work is a disease) to work! Without begging or threatening! THANK YOU! Oh and as usual sorry about the long comment:) Jess

    • Jessica,

      You are a gem!!! I am sooooo glad everything is going so well for you with the Good Job Jar. I bought enough sock clips for every boy to have 24. Not that they all have 24 socks, far from it, but just in case it gave extra for my husband and me. I haven’t had any break in the 5 years I have used them. So it’s a one time amazing investment. When I bought them, years ago, it was about $2.87 for 12 clips at Albertsons or Kmart. Don’t know what prices are today. See, we both have long comments so we fit together just fine!

  3. Yay! And “universal grip clips” helped in searching, but I’ll search in real life before committing 😀

  4. I’m excited to try this as socks have become the bain of my existence (along with laundry – ugh!). Where do you store the sock clips in the mean time? Each of my children have their own hampers so would I store some near each of the hampers or where? I think that will be important because if they are not readily available, they won’t use them. Thanks.

    • I store the sock clips in their sock drawer, depending on your layout you can hang a bag next to the hamper or even attach one somehow to the side of the hamper. I would have to see a picture of your layout to give you further ideas. If you have a shelf close by put some in a small basket so they are easy to access.

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