You know Dasher and Dancer . . .

This is an idea that I actually got from Carrie in 2005.  I honestly can’t remember where she saw the idea but they are adorable!  There are nine reindeer here, lined up in order of appearance, with of course, Rudolph at the end.  I guess you could say he is at the front.  These are all made from wood that was super easy to cut out and stain and then paint.  They are attached to wooden stakes that you can get from Home Depot for pretty cheap.

Overall picture of Reindeer

Here is a close up of how it looks all put together.  You can use any wood you would like.  There are 4 pieces total, not counting the stake.  The main body, the cheek/mouth area, the nose, and the name plate.

After you cut the wood and before you paint it, be sure to chunk up the edges to give it an overall cuter appearance.

The antlers are just pieces of garland cut the same length and placed into 2 holes on top of the head body/head piece.  Make sure the hole is large enough to fit the wire end of the garland.  I hot glued mine into the holes so they wouldn’t fall out during rain or snow storms.

The name plate has vinyl lettering on it which has withstood the weather beautifully.  After staining and painting the wood pieces, scuff up the edges with sandpaper to finish it off.  The scarfs are just cut from fabric I had at my house, or you can go and buy $1.00 scarfs at the dollar store.  I also looked for fabric at the D.I. and found some to complete my scarfs.

If I have missed explaining anything, feel free to ask me.

Enjoy and have fun making them.  If you are a super person you could make them in time for this year, otherwise just plan on it being for next year.

Here is the pattern for the Reindeer as requested.  This is not a professional one as you will be able to tell.  However, I have included the measurements so that when you piece and tape the body pattern together you can make sure the height is the right size.

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  1. sooo, cute!!! any ideas on where I might find a pattern to make these cute little reindeers? thanks for sharing, what a cute idea. : )

    • I don’t but I can take measurements of mine and that might help you with yours. I might even be able to trace mine and scan them onto my computer. The head/body part will have to be in 2 parts probably. I will see what I can do.

  2. I would love a copy of the pattern or the measurements too. They are so way cute.

  3. yes! A pattern would be great! Haha…….I guess I’m not super awesome!

  4. I would love a patter as well, thanks so much.

  5. Those are WONDERFUL!! Very cool!
    🙂 Mags /

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