December Give Away!

So after much pondering, I thought it might be fun to do another giveaway for today.  This time frame will be much shorter since, I have to have time to ship it off in the mail on Monday.  Here’s how you enter.  Just answer the question below and your name will be put into the drawing for a Nativity Memory Game, laminated, cut out and sent to you in time for you family to play it for Christmas.


What is your FAVORITE (only one) Christmas family tradition from when you were little that you still continue with your family today?

For me, as a little girl my mom would always let us open one present on Christmas Eve.  We got to choose which one and it was the highlight of the evening watching each person open their gift.  I guess that’s the other thing we do too, is watch others open their gifts. Starting with the youngest child, on Christmas morning, he opens one gift and states who it is from as we all get to see his excitement.  Then on to the next child, and then the next.  It makes the gifts more meaningful and helps the morning to be less frenzied and more drawn out.  Our children get to actually see the person’s reaction who they give the gift too and they LOVE IT!!!

The winner will be notified on here, on our facebook wall, and via email Sunday night.


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!  To all those who shared your Christmas tradition with us, it was fantastic to read all of them.  There got to be so many that I couldn’t comment on each one after getting 44 comments overnight one time.  But I read each one as I approved each comment and LOVED them all!!!  There are many that I would like to do with my family this year or in the years to come.  It has been wonderful listening to all your memories and those who created new ones with your new families.

And now to the winner . . . . . . . . .


Congratulations you win a Nativity Memory Set delivered to your door by the friendly postman or postlady.  Email us your address and I will send that off on Monday.

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  1. That’s tough…I would have to say the opening of our jammies on Christmas Eve…

  2. We let the children choose a new ornament for the family tree each year. Every year when we bring out the box of those decorations it is fun to listen to them remembering when they got what ornament. We have a few extra ornaments for the younger kids to put on since they don’t have as many to add to the tree as the older children. That helps combat the “he/she has more than I” battles. We also sing Happy Birthday to Jesus on Christmas day.

  3. My favorite tradition from childhood that we continue today was started by my dad. On Christmas eve, we each get a tealight candle to light, representing the light that each of us as family members gives to others. Then, one person chooses another family member, and tells them specifically how that person helped them this last year. When they are done sharing their memory, the person who shared the example blows out their candle, showing how dark it would be without that person’s “light.” Then, the person who was being spoken about has a turn to share an experience about someone who’s candle is still lit. By the time everyone has had a special moment, the room is dark, because everyone has blown out their candle. Then, in the dark room, we talk about the light of Christ, and how his light is always there for us to use. We talk about how dark it would be in the world if the Light of the World had never been born. We sit in the dark and think about the upcoming year and how we will try to share our light. Then we relight our candles, using a candle that represents Christ, and see how bright the room can be when we all share. Our many lights can brighten and make a difference.

    • WOW, Jen!!! You’re dad was an amazing man!!! I miss his light as well. What a wonderful tradition that I will be incorporating into our family this year. Thanks for sharing that wonderful memory with me!

  4. My favorite tradition is watching my kids act out the Nativity Story. My grandparents started this when we were little and we still do it now with the great grandkids. We get all dressed up and everyone has a part. It might not be the most spiritual but we enjoy doing it together.

    • Alisa,
      Thanks for sharing. I don’t think it always has to be “spiritual” in order for the Holy Ghost to work in our hearts, one little seed at a time. Thank you!

  5. A new ornament for every child and grandchild every year – so much fun to choose them –

  6. My favorite tradition that I did as a young girl and still continue with my little family is the 12 days of Christmas. Now that my children are getting older, they are the ones asking me who we get to serve this Christmas. They help me purchase, create and wrap all the gifts the first week of December. Each night they take turns being the runner and creating the route to the front door without being caught. It is a fun opportunity for both families 🙂

  7. Opening one special gift on Christmas eve.

  8. We have Fondue, read stories and open jammies!

  9. Mine is similar to yours- I love watching everyone open gifts one by one. My husband’s family doesn’t do this, but my husband loves that we started…we both love seeing what everyone got and the joy on their faces. Since you already said that one, my other favorite is at my Dad’s family party we always do the nativity and we always sing “When Joseph went to Bethlehem” because my Grandpa wrote the music for that song.

  10. Our family tradition that started with my grandparents and passed on by my parents, is to open up a gift on christmas eve (it is always jammies) Once those new PJ’s were on we would read a fun Christmas story and have lots of fun treats. Right before going to bed we would read the story of Christ’s birth and be reminded of the true meaning of christmas and off to bed we went. But what kid really falls asleep fast on Christmas eve:)

    • Amy,

      That is soooo true. Christmas PJ’s are a classic tradition. As far as the going to sleep part, we actually put a sheet up across our living room arch way so that if kids try to sneak a peak, we will know.

  11. My mother made a special ornament for each of her grandchildren. I am continuing that tradition with my grandkids, putting the ornament in a special “Santa Bag” that has a $1.00 toy and some candy. I give this to them right after Thanksgiving.

  12. We also got new jammies every year on Christmas eve. It is funny how that was the one thing I was so excited to pass on to my children. In November my husband and I took in 2 foster children and when we were mentioning that we do the new jammie tradition every year our new little 7yr olds face lit up with joy. She said “my mommy does that too” I am so glad we will be able to continue our tradition with our biological children this year but to also help these sweet kids continue a tradition they have always had as well. Especially since they can’t be with their own mommy this Christmas.

    • Jessica,
      Thank you for taking children into your home to give them a place filled with love and stability. May Heavenly Father bless your family for feeding his sheep!

  13. We all open our Christmas Jammies and a book on Christmas Eve. The kids take their books and all sleep in the same room together that night.

    • DeAnne,
      I have heard of families sleeping in the same room for Christmas Eve. In fact, now that I think of it, when I used to visit my Dad for Christmas, we did that same thing. I totally forgot about that. Thanks for helping me to remember.

  14. when i was younger we always cut down our christmas tree in the woods the day after thanksgiving. my husband and i do this with our kids now–it always seems to get the season started right!

  15. We get a new Christmas ornament each year that reflects the past year. It is always fun to decorate the tree each year and recall all the memories.

  16. THere seems to be lots of things that I did as a child that I do now with my kids but I think my favorate is our advent calendar. We didn’t take things off the a board or out of a little door, my Dad had made an advent wreath and everyday one child got to pick an ornament from a little bag an place iton the wreath. The last ordament that went on the wreath was a little baby Jesus. We now have the same thing in our home – handmade by my Dad. One other fav thing, on Christmas eve all the kids bring their pillows and blankets and we sleep in the family room. I remember sleeping on the floor of the basement playroom and trying to wait up to hear if Santa was there. We had lots of giggles and fun. It is sweet to hear my kids have the same conversations that I remember having while lying on the floor waiting for Santa.
    Thanks for sparking some happy memories.

    • Heather,
      Your welcome!! I love happy memories. I like the advent wreath ornament idea too. What a great opportunity to share something handmade with your own children.

  17. We would gather as a family and read the Christmas story from the bible and then open one present before we went to bed. I can still hear my dad and mom reading the story from the scriptures.

  18. Choosing one is hard when you have so many. The one I would have to choose that my kids enjoy doing is acting out the Nativity. On Christmas Eve the whole family gets together for a Christmas dinner. The kids will act out the Nativity. It’s fun to watch our kids act it out now and how reverent they are once the baby Jesus shows up. My husbands family has also done this for years so it doesn’t matter whose side of the family we are visiting the kids will always have the opportunity to act out one of the greatest events of history.

  19. I remember opening one present on Christmas Eve. I have continued that tradition with my children. Merry Christmas.

  20. My Dad always read the Christmas story from Luke to us on Christmas Eve. I tried to remember to do this with my children as they were growing up too.

  21. The Christmas Table! I was 15 when my mom decided she was tired of cooking on Christmas Day and wanted to be able to hang with everyone without the stress and mess of food…thus the Christmas Table…we woke up to ham, turkey, rolls, cookies, chips, crackers & dips, cheese balls, candy…you name it was beautifully put on the table. I started the Christmas table 5 years ago when my oldest was 5 and we decided taking 4 kids to grandmas for Christmas was to crazy! I now make it every year and it is getting bigger! lol…and it is the one Tradition my kids really look forward to…my sister also carries on this tradition…funny thing is my mom no longer does…she comes to our table now! ❤ Merry Christmas!!!

  22. We always read some sort of Christmas story on Christmas Eve. When I was young I had a Nativity Golden Book…Now we usually read Small One or one of my other Nativity books.

  23. Pajamas on Christmas Eve

  24. Making sugar cookies, decorating them, and delivering them to friends. We haven’t missed a year yet!

    We have also started new traditions in our family that I hope my children will continue to do in the next 20 years!

  25. My favorite tradition growing up is our countdown calenders. We got a piece of candy each day until Christmas eve and at the bottom there is a package to represent opening a gift. I do this with my kids with the calenders I made for them and we love watching them get excited each day for their candy. Now as our family is still young we have accumulated some new traditions over the years and my new favorite one is taking a picture of the kids on the stairs in their new jammies before they can open any gifts. You see the excitement in their faces and the cheesy smiles because they want to get it over with.

  26. I love making sticky buns on Christmas eve to stick in the oven and eat with egg nog and Orange juice while we open gifts. (My ten year old still thinks they are orange rolls!

  27. I am 31 and still love opening pajamas from my grandma on Christmas Eve!

  28. We leave out cookies, milk, and carrots. Then, Santa comes sometime during the night, and drops a bell for each child with Hersheys hugs and kisses down the hallway and to the presents. The kids always swear that he woke them up when he was leaving. It is so much fun, and so magical for the kids.

  29. We always sing Christmas songs and play chimes cut from pipe lengths. All our brothers and sister do this with their kids too so even though we all can’t always be together every Christmas, knowing we are all doing something “together” keeps us feeling close.

  30. Singing Christmas carols. And playing santa for someone else. When I was a kid my friends parents had a bicycle shop. We kids would sit in the back of the truck under the shell with the bikes while our parents were in the front of the truck and we of course would freeze all the way to the families houses and back delivering bicycles on Christmas eve. Now we usually leave something for friends and neighbors and run so we don’t get caught. Thanks for all the great memories!!

  31. I love doing the 12 days of Christmas. When I was young, we gave necessities like socks and toothbrushes out to a family in need. With my own children, we do that sometimes, but more often do a nativity to remind us all of the real reason for the season.

  32. On a night before Christmas we eat a dinner with foods that Christ would have eaten to remind us that the holiday is about his life. My mom started this when we were young, we drink grape juices, eat fish, honeycomb, olives,flat breads,cheeses, dried fruits and anything that is mentioned in the bible. As our family has grown it has been a wonderful time to reconnect and remember what the season is about.

  33. Funny to read your own tradtion!!! We do the fondue also…..Chocolate one….White chocolate and Butterscotch too!!! Then I started the Christmas Eve jammies when we had kids!! I always wanted to open something early as a kid… when I am the Mom that is what we did!!! Funny that it really caught on with my parents and sibblings too! The last year my Mom was alive we all got matching pink supergirl jammies for the “grownup” girls!!! Good TIMES!!

  34. My favorite time was baking cookies together. It was a time when all 5 of us could do something together. At first we would try to have the most fancy ones, then silly, then we just cranked them out to be done. But it was always fun working together. The smell of almost extract reminds me of Christmas because that was the special ingredient that seemed to make sugar cookies smell like Christmas.

  35. We were always so poor growing up we never got to have boxes of cold cereal. It was always wheat much because it was cheaper and better for you. But on Christmas day we would find a whole box of sugery-fun cereal just for us. Every kid had their own box. My favorite was Trix. I carry on this tradition with my own kids.

  36. My father related that each Christmas Eve (this is back in the 1910’s-1930’s)his father would bring home a box of oranges. Each child got a stocking, nothing more, with small gifts, usually socks, and the prized orange in the toe. Every Christmas my siblings and I received a wonderful orange in the toe of our stocking. I did the same for my children and they do it for their children as well. 5 generations sharing this tradition.

  37. This one is easy as I can only recall one tradition… My step mother would buy each of us ornaments each year. That one has been mentioned already I see.
    I do love it though, as she tried to find an ornament that represented our interests at the time. I have a mixture of Mickey Mouse, Unicorns, turtles… I enjoy remembering the various interests I had.
    Also, when I married, my husband was impressed with how many Christmas decorations I had. It helped spruce up our home for the holiday.
    I do it now for my 3 and 1 year old munchkins.

  38. We read the story of Christ’s birth in the bible, while sitting in front of the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. Then we say a family prayer. After that we open gifts. I think it helps us think more about the reason for our celebration and helps keep us in the true spirit of Christmas.

  39. We have about a hundred nativities in our house — and Baby Jesus does not go out until Christmas morning. Then we hide them all over the house and play, “Find the Baby Jesus”… that sounds really silly, but it’s something our family has loved doing for years. It keeps the day fun and focused a little more on the Savior instead of presents, presents, presents.

  40. I always gave my children a new ornament every year. Then when they moved away from home, I gave them “their” ornaments so they would have something familiar to put on their tree the first year.

  41. Well, since I was the only member of the Church in my family (and just go to sleep so Santa could come), I started a new tradition in my family of a having a Family Home Evening the night we put the Christmas tree… about Christmas and the Savior. In the future I’ll add more traditions! 😉

  42. When one child in the family woke up (there were 7 of us) we would wake up all the other kids, and climb on my parents bed where we would wait for my dad to go and get our stockings. We would all go though our stockings and see the treasures we got.
    Now as the parent I love to have my 3 kids climb in my bed and wait for my husband to bring in their stockings. My kids love to spend that first half hour of the morning on my bed…and I love watching their sweet faces of surprise as they dump it out to discover their “treasures”.

  43. I would say my favorite memory is when the whole extnded family gets together and we pitch in to help a less fortunate family have Christmas.

  44. Making treats for our neighbors and friends! My mom really let me help her in the kitchen. I remember feeling warm and fuzzy when we delivered the goodies!

  45. We do Christmas Eve Jammies too! A tradition that my husband has brought to our family from his childhood is that all of Santa’s gifts have to be wrapped in a wrapping paper that has Santa on it. None of the other gifts can be wrapped in “Santa paper”. 🙂

  46. we do that as well .. when we were younger all the children would get to open one of our presents from each other .. now we still let all the children open one on christmas eve although we do choose a little different now ..

  47. We always did a red and green construction paper chain countdown when we were little. We have a nicer advent calendar now that is more symbolic of the season, but the anticipation and building excitement remains the same.

  48. We draw names and then we make each others gifts. My dad has the best gifts. We all hope he draws our name. He made me an easel a few years ago and he made my daughter a hope chest last year. Last year I made shawls and the year before purses from blue jeans. This year I learned how to make homemade soap for my presents. Gifts from the heart that will always be treasured!

  49. I remember all the family waiting in the hall upstairs. We lined up youngest to oldest—wearing our Christmas Eve jammies. Dad would go in the front room and start the fireplace. He would have the camera and take pictures of the family line as we walked down the stairs, stopped at the bottom and looked at the stuff with wide eyes. Then we ran to our stockings. The anticipation was so exciting!

  50. One FHE in December is “Bethlehem Night” at our house. We dress up in scarves and old fabric, turn out the lights, sit on the floor and eat fruit, pita bread, cheese, meat, etc. We make up stories about why we’re in Bethlehem and after we eat, we share some kind of spiritual Christmas story or thought. It’s my favorite way to keep Christ in our Christmas.

  51. making and decorating sugar cookies,i bought little baker hats for my boys this year lol

  52. Christmas Eve Pajamas. My mom always made us new jammies & we got to open them Christmas Eve. Now my kids still look forward to the same thing!

    PS- Thanks for the chance to win!

  53. We have always had Hot Chocolate and toast for breakfast and leftover chocolate eclairs that Santa didn’t eat. Don’t know why we had this for breakfast, but my kids love it now!

  54. My parents starting a tradition of cutting a fresh Christmas tree from the mountains since the first year they have been married– and they have NEVER missed a year. My husband and I have followed tradition- this year was #29 for my parents, #5 for us! Such fun family time and a great way to start the Christmas season!

  55. My favorite tradition is acting out the Nativity story with our family on Christmas eve.

  56. Instead of fighting over who will be Santa and pass out the presents under the tree on Christmas day, I take one almond and hide it in the breakfast food…if we have cereal or breakfast cake or sweetrolls…whoever eats the almond is Santa for Christmas day. My kids are pretty much grown-up at this time, but they still want to hide the almond on Christmas morning to see who will be Santa.

  57. we open new pajamas and a family game and then have a little party with our yummy treats we’ve made all week, wearing our new pjs, and playing our new game.

  58. We only have one grandchild so far. We are all enjoying seeing Christmas threw a child’s eyes again. Love how happy he is. I collect nativity sets. I have a playschool one that when I got it out this year, Breck came and asked me if he could have Joseph. He said he is my friend. I said yes. Then it dawned on me that Joseph my look like Jesus to him. So I asked him. He grinned and said yes Grandma. When I went to his home the other day he was still playing with Joseph/Jesus. He sleeps with him. I had given his dad when his parents first got married the picture of Christ stilling the water. Breckin took the toy and said look Grandma. I told you He was my friend. It is Jesus. Now the whole thing makes sense. Love the hearts of children.

  59. On Christmas Eve, we still open a new ornament and a new pair of jammies. My kids love it.

  60. We always let the kids get up and go into the living room to see what Santa brought before we were there. They could open their stocking which always had an apple and orange and small presents. They could eat their “fruit breakfast” while they waited for us to come so we could open presents. The excitement was pretty high along with the presents as Santa always made a huge pile of presents (6 kids worth)blocking doors and making small spaces for them to get through. Now that our children have grown they do the same thing with their children. We are looking for new ways to celebrate with our grandchildren!

  61. My favorite tradition is to read from the Bible on Christmas Eve about the birth of Christ. We also sing Christmas carols and open one gift…pajamas!

  62. Debbie Liebegott

    Santa only used 1 color/patterned wrapping paper for “his” gifts to us. Presents from mom and dad were in all kinds of paper, but SANTA used only ONE. It was not used on any other presents, so we KNEW that Santa wrapped them in his Santa special patterned paper. My kids are now 30, 27 and 25 and the gifts from Santa are STILL wrapped in special paper. My kids laugh, but love it and have started it with their children.

  63. Like many of the others the family tradition we carry on since I was a newborn is Christmas Eve pj’s brought to us by the Christmas Eve Elf. Now that I am a mom of two, we take in the beauty of Christmas Eve slip on pj’s and watch the Nativity. Also as a part of our Christmas Eve night we have a Birthday cake for our Savior Jesus Christ and homemade ice cream. Christmas Eve at our house is focused on our Savior and His birth so that when the big day comes we have started it off with the right spirit. Merry Christmas to you -love, love the nativity set!!!

  64. Making Gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve. Grew up doing it and now we all travel to Grandma’s house to do it!

  65. We make sugar cookies & decorate them.

  66. re-acting the Nativity on Christmas Eve!

  67. I dont have many Christmas memories, I was raised a non member and my dad died when I was 8 BUT my favorite memory that Im making with my husband and 4 boys is the christmas eve pajames…I get matching jamas for everyone and we unwreap before bed then wear them all the next day…:)

  68. Besides new jammies, we always had a special Christmas Eve dinner, so we could have leftovers on Christmas Day, then Mom could enjoy the day without having to worry about fixing a big meal. I carried that tradition on with my children and now that they are married, we all get together at one or their homes (too many for my house) on Christmas Eve to share the dinner, everyone bringing a part of the meal. It’s nice to be all together at this time of year. 🙂

  69. The tradition for our family is for each one of us is to pick out some Christmas stories and read them on Christmas eve by the tree.

  70. Stockings are really important in our family. We always open the stocking first Christmas morning and open the one present that Santa left. Then we move on to watching each other open gifts.

  71. Watching Christmas movies together and then talking about them later! 😀

  72. Advent calendars!

  73. How fun! My fav memory is going to look at lights on Christmas eve…seeing Rudolph’s nose in the sky. coming home just as Mrs. Claus is leaving (we hear sleigh bells somewhere) and then hurrying up to our beds to see what jammies Mrs. Clause made for us. so magical!

  74. The one family tradition is when the kids are born they are given a ornament for each year so when the grow up and leave home they will have there own ornaments to start on there famliy tree or single adult tree this was started by my mother so i included it with my children and now my grandchildren…its fun to look at all the ornaments each year as the kids grew and said i remember this one and this one

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