Christmas Ideas – Nativity Memory Game

Based off the characters in our Silent Night Bingo Game, Tricia created this Nativity Memory Game 2 years ago.  It is full of wonderful colors and beautifully designed pieces.  You can print it front to back and it comes out perfectly.  My younger children love using this every year as the Christmas season gets closer and closer.  We hope yours enjoy it just as much.

Merry Christmas from My Heart & Home!

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  1. This is fantastic! I love it……. Thank you!

  2. I’m a little slow. Could you please explain how this game works? Thank you very much…From A Grandma trying to figure out the blog world!

    • Chris, It’s totally fine! Glad you asked. It’s a simple Memory Game. Make sure you make 2 copies of the file, that way you have 2 of each card. Like 2 Mary’s, 2 Joseph’s, etc. There is a back side to the card that you can use if you want to make it look professional. Or you can just print the one side that has each of the characters and leave the other side white. It’s up to you. Then you lay them all face down and starting with one person, they choose 2 cards, turn them face up, if they match they get to keep them, if not, they turn them back over and it’s the next person’s turn. If the person gets a match they get to have another turn.

  3. These are amazing. So cute. Thank you for sharing your talents!

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