The Living Christ Flip Chart

Here is the flip chart I was telling you about previously from my friend Jennifer.  She got it from the YW’s program of the Las Vegas, NV, Highland Hills Stake, which is her stake.  They did a great job on it and she promises you can have it memorized in a week!  Thank you so much Jennifer for sharing this with us.  I am sure everyone who appreciates it will leave a comment for you letting you know.  We are working on a younger kid version with all the pictures that go along with the posts Tracey has been doing for you.  Jennifer said her younger daughter was able to memorize it using this flip chart, so give it a try.

The Living Christ from Jennifer

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  1. wow! that is really neat….. Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks to whoever shared this! Is the younger version available?

    • Ruth, this is a project that got forgotten. Thank you for reminding me. I will put it on my list and hopefully get to this before Christmas so those might want to start it at the New Year can do so.

  3. I just found this. I am encouraging my Young Women to memorize this for their 10 hr project under Faith next month and I had all these ideas running through my head and I was just sitting down to spend a lot of time putting something together to help them. When I googled The Living Christ for a picture with Christ and I was lead to your blog. Then I found this and it is so very similar to what I was planning on doing but it is already done. YAY!! Thanks so much. Thanks for saving me a lot of time and also for having a wonderful resource that will hopefully help bring my girls closer to Christ.

  4. Stefanie McGill

    This is awesome! Thank you!

  5. This is fabulous. Thank you so much!

  6. Thank you for sharing, I am working on it right now.

  7. Thinking of doing this for Primary in 2015. Is the younger version ready? Thanks for all your hard work and for sharing your talents. It is so very much appreciated.

  8. I love this! Small enough for a wallet. Do you happen to have the Proclamation on the Family done this way too?

  9. This is wonderful, thank you so much for sharing!

  10. hedwig goldsmith

    this in wonderful. thank you for your time and effort to put this together

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