Christmas Ideas – Neighborhood Gifts

I LOVE neighbor gifts!  In fact I love baking the bread and wrapping it up and deciding just how I want to share my Christmas spirit with my neighbors, that is until our street filled up and it became an expensive endeavor just to do this.  Our neighborhood actually decided last year to stop doing that and have a party instead, where we all got together and enjoyed visiting, talking, and laughing.  We also wanted to focus on a charity or a good cause to give to instead of spending money on gifts for each other.  LOVED IT!!!  Last year we donated to a woman’s shelter and this year we gave to the local food bank.  Such a HUGE weight was lifted and I now look forward to this annual party.  However, there are sometimes those special special people that you still might want to give a little something too.  The following are some ideas you can use that we have come up with at My Heart & Home.

Neighborhood Gift Packet – Fun little sayings or poems to go along with a cute little treat.

Neighborhood Gift Tags – These are ones that Tricia made up to go along with helping others get their Food Storage going or completed or just added too.

Blanket Poem – Another great idea for helping people get their 72 hour kits ready.  Tricia did this one too!

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  1. SO MANY AWESOME IDEAS in just this post!
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    🙂 Mags

  2. By the way – I’ve linked to this post on my Christian Blog today ( This is such a great idea!! 🙂

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