FHE – Gratitude

Gratitude is a difficult thing to teach kids in our day.  It seems as if we live in a world of “entitlement” and “instant gratification”.  You know, where you are entitled to everything around you simply because you exist and you want it all right now!   My children are not spoiled in the sense that they get what they want, when they want it, no matter what!  I’m often called a “mean mom” because I do have the ability to say “no” now and then! 🙂  However, they are certainly not lacking in anything!  It is hard to teach gratitude when you have never truly been without.  Some of you may have experienced being without and some of you may be experiencing it right now with our economy the way it is.    We went through a bit of scare and I’m so grateful that things turned out okay.  However, learning gratitude may have a lasting effect when you really have to search for your blessings.  I have really struggled with how to teach gratitude to my children.  Some days I would like to take it all away so they can really see how blessed they are!  In our sunday school class we talked about this and some of the parents shared their thoughts.  I would like to share a few ideas with you.

– Have your children write a thank you note to each of their siblings thanking them for the qualities that they admire in them.

– Have your children write a thank you note to grandparents and parents thanking them for the blessing they are in their lives.

– Take time to write down your blessings in a gratitude journal.  Each year have each person in your family make an entry and then review them in years to come to remind them of what they have to be thankful for (this is also fun to do before or after thanksgiving dinner with your extended family).

– Spend some time serving the homeless on Thanksgiving Day.

– Use Tom Turkey and write down all of your blessings as a family or each child individually.  Then post them on their bedroom door or somewhere they will see them throughout the week.

– If you have a chalk board in your kitchen or family room area have your children write their blessings – get specific!  Instead of being thankful for your house, be thankful for your roof because it keeps you dry!

– Have your children find their host (whether it’s at thanksgiving dinner or just a visit to grandma’s house) and have them express gratitude.  A small “thank you” goes a long way!

– Teach by example.  Make the words “thank you” something that you say often to your children and to those you come in contact with.  They will see it and it will rub off on them!

As you are listing your blessing this week, ask your family to dig deeper, to be more specific and have them really think about what they are grateful for.  If you keep a record of these, it will be something to cherish in the future.  These were just some random thoughts on how you can show gratitude at your house this season and throughout the year.  Here is a basic outline for a FHE this week.

Opening Song: “I am glad for many things” CS p. 151

Opening Prayer:  (Ask the person giving the prayer to make it a prayer of gratitude – only mention what you are thankful for)

Scripture: Luke 17:11-19 – This is the story of the 10 Lepers.  Ask why they think only 1 came back to say “thank you”.

Lesson:  Discuss the story of the 10 Lepers.  Talk about Jesus and how much he loved each one of them.  Ask them how they feel when they do something nice and nobody says “thank you”.  Then ask them how they feel when someone does say “thank you”.  Talk about why it is important to show gratitude and how it makes others feel.


Use Tom Turkey to have each child list what they are thankful for.  It is also good for the kids to see what mom and dad are thankful for!

Review:  I plan on reviewing the Living Christ with my family and then sharing my testimony of how grateful I am for my Savior.

Closing Prayer:


Have a great Thanksgiving!!!  I plan on having a new section for the Living Christ done next week.  We are working on a flip chart as well!

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