More Thanksgiving Ideas – Blessings Bingo

We will try to post the rest of our Thanksgiving ideas this week so you have time to get them ready for your Thanksgiving Day celebrations and fun.  This Bingo game is a great way to help you remember your blessings and what you are grateful for.  As of right now there are only 12 different Bingo cards, I hope to make the other 12 this weekend but no promises there.  You play this as you would any other Bingo game except there are no call letters like B- Turkey, or I-Turkey.  It’s just Turkey and if they have it anywhere on the board then they get to cover it up.  On some boards there are blank spots on purpose.  As a family, you decide what blessing you want to put in there before you start the game.  On one of the blank calling cards, be sure to write that word on there. You can choose a number of different blessings and let people choose which word they want to put on their board.

Tricia and I are trying to get a child’s version, for those who can’t read yet, ready for Thanksgiving but so far we haven’t yet.  If we do, you will see it as a new post.  Cross your fingers!

(We did it and here is the link for the youth version of Bingo: Tom Blessings Bingo)

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  1. I’m crossing my fingers for the picture version – my kids LOVED the Halloween bingo. I’d love to have the picture version to play in the car as we travel. 🙂

  2. In our family, we always play Thanksgiving Bingo. When the player wins, they have to name one of the things they are thankful for. No one can name a blessing that’s already been said. As you win, we have dollar store items in brown paper lunch sacks. The winner chooses a bag from the table as a prize, without knowing what’s inside, because the bags are sealed. If someone doesn’t like their gift, the other people who win can choose that gift, or take a chance of not knowing what’s in the bag. We write on the bag, “Boy, Girl, YM, YW, Mom, Dad, Generic,” so that aids in the decision making. Amazingly, it always turns out that no one is disappointed in their prize! One of the benefits of having gifts is that the kids then run off after the game to play with their new toys!

    • WOW Jen!! What a fabulous idea for a game that incorporates Bingo. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. I have never heard of doing it that way before and I am going to do that this year with our family. HOW FUN!!!

  3. Hi Valerie, I’m not sure why, but I can’t seem to print or download this. Is anyone else having this issue? Thanks so much!

    • Becky, tell me what you are experiencing so I can help you. I know when you click on the link it brings you to a google documents page. On the left side, right where it says Google Docs unsaved project, there is the word “File” right under that. If you click on that it brings up an option to download the original document. You can then save it directly to your computer and open it up in Adobe Reader. Try that and let me know if that helps you.

  4. ok thanks! I will try that. I think the google documents is what threw me for a loop.

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