Fun Friday – Good Job Jar!

The Good Job Jar is such an awesome concept.  I’ve used it for years and years and then Tricia jazzed it up for us by adding coupons!  My boys fell in love with the coupons and have a hard time choosing anything else!  As my boys got older they started asking me for some “OLDER” coupons.  One day my son Cale, asked me if I could make some teenager coupons.  Thus our second set of Good Job Jar Coupons were born.  At one point I asked our followers for suggestions of items to put on them and received some great feedback.  I even promised them I would choose one person to receive a set, of which I have yet to fulfill.


My life got slammed and I forgot all about them, leaving them half finished.  After hearing from Jenny Spilker on our facebook page about wondering what a Good Job Jar was, it reminded me that we never actually had a post describing and explaining the concept behind it.  Thanks Jenny for reminding me of my unfinished project!  (Big Smile Inserted Here)

Don’t we all have a number of those?  🙂

Rather than use lots and lots of words to describe the concept, I thought I would make a video instead, of which we haven’t had one for a long time either.  Wow, so many continuances in one post, I am feeling kind of proud! (LOL!) Click on the video to hear just exactly what our GOOD JOB JAR is all about.

Isn’t that such a great idea?  In conjunction with this wonderful idea we have a special celebration just for our fans.  (Good thing you are checking our blog regularly, huh?)  So here’s our first contest that we are having after a LONG LONG dry spell.  I am looking to fill up 12 more cards for the Teenager Set.  Give us your suggestions in the comment box.  If you want to see what our coupons look like, just click on one of the pictures below for a closer view.  I will choose 12 individual suggestions that I like the most and add them to our set.  Everybody who contributes an idea, your name will be put into a hat and 2 winners will be drawn out.  Each winner will receive either a Good Job Jar Coupon Set for Younger Children or a Good Job Jar Coupon set for Teenagers, laminated, cut out and sent to you by me!!!!

Here is the link that talks about the I Will Go and Do Tokens I used in my video: Tokens

Good Job Jar Coupons Younger Age

(This file is 22MB and has 9 pages total.)

Good Job Jar Coupons Teenager

(This file is 17.6 and has 7 pages total.)

Imagine, having the work done for you!

No UNFINISHED project on this one!!!!

You have until Saturday, November 20th, at midnight to input your suggestions.  If you think someone else would like this great prize, then lead them to our blog to enter our contest.  The more the merrier!  The Winners will be posted Sunday Evening, November 21st.  For the 3 people who were so fantastic at getting in your suggestions on time, before I extended the contest, you earned a Good Job Jar Coupon that says, “Congratulations!  This coupon is good for your name being put into the drawing a second time!  Way to be diligent and on time.” (That’s for Amy, Jessica, & Alisa)

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  1. I have got two suggestions. I have boys and they are always excited to get a game rental at Blockbuster. They also love it when mom and dad are willing to purchase a new song or an app on That way they can get a couple things without having to buy an itunes card. OR buy an itunes card and give them 5.00 at a time to use.

  2. Wow! This is just great! Thanks for the info and ideas! I don’t have a teenager yet, only a few months away (tear) but I know he would love a ringtone for his phone. (Only one of my boys is “old” enough for the phone) so my other boys would love a book or a gift certificate to a book store as a reward. I love this idea! You are (all) awesome!

  3. I think that a teenager would love a rental from Redbox as a reward.

  4. I would love to download both sets, but am having a problem. Only get 1/2 the first page. What am I doing wrong. My gkids think I am awesome because of all your hard work. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your talents.

    • LOL!!! That’s great! I’m so glad you are such an awesome grandparent in your grandchildren’s eyes. However, I am sure you would be so even without our stuff! 😉
      I am wondering a few things. Are you saving the file to your computer or just opening it on the internet? Try saving it to your computer and then going back to open it up. It’s a LARGE file, in fact I need to put that information on there. So if your internet quits downloading after while that could be it also. Let me know and if all else fails I can email you each page individually. The Teenager set won’t be available until Monday, I hope.

  5. This is such a fantastic idea! I’ve been wanting to do a “store” for my kiddos but hadn’t decided exactly how I wanted to do it. Your blog is fantastic. Thanks so much!

    • Thanks so much! We love to share our ideas and to hear feed back from people is like having the icing and whipping cream and cherry on top of a big sundae. 🙂

  6. Can you attach the link about your poker chips to this post?

  7. And the winners are….

    • LOL!! Sorry Alisa, I have been madly helping Tricia get her house back in order after she had the inside of it allll re-painted. I am actually going to extend the contest since there wasn’t a lot of feedback over the weekend. It might have been too quick of a turn around. So the giveaway entry will go until Saturday night at Midnight. That will also give me time to finish the teenager set and get it posted.

  8. I don’t have teenagers all mine are still little, but my suggestion is allowing your teen to use the car/truck for a night, it was always awesome to get my dad’s truck when I was in school 🙂

  9. I know when I was a teenager it would have been nice to be able to opt out of sitting my younger siblings when Mom and Dad needed a sitter. Maybe a get out of sitting card would be a good idea?

    • SHELLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

      THAT is the BEST suggestion I have ever heard when it comes to teenagers and babysitting!!! I didn’t even think of that and Cale will be DYING to get that one! LOL! I totally love it. He will be begging you to think of more. I will have to have him tell you thanks the next time you come for a visit. (Still laughing!)

  10. This idea is really great!!! I know my girls are pre-teens but they love to go and pick out a movie at blockbuster or go to Bruester’s Ice Cream or even roller skating. I am excited about trying this. And trying to work something in for the 3 year old.

    Thank you.

  11. Valerie,
    Thanks for the “extra” entry! I’m so excited to start using these on my boys I went and bought the coolest treasure trunk! Love the opt out of babysitting! Great idea from Shelley! I’m glad you’re there to help Trish, all I am able to do from this far away is pray for you both! Good luck! Take care, Jess

    • Hey Jess, I am so excited for you. You should send a picture of your treasure trunk and I can put it on the blog as an idea for a Good Job Jar. In fact if anyone else wants to email me their pictures I can just create a separate posting about different Good Job Jars. Be sure to tell me where you found them at so that other people can easily find them.

  12. Thanks to Sugardoodle you may have a few more entries on here soon…I was refered by her. I love all the previous ideas and am trying to think…how about a set time (maybe an hour) of playing the Wii (or other video game) by themselves and not having to share or get bugged by siblings while playing. One hour of blissful Wii playing with no one bugging them would be a dream come true to my kids or is my house the only one that makes their kids share the Wii when it’s on? Love the good job jar idea, thanks – and my kids thank you too!

    • Shawn’l, You make me laugh! I totally have made my children share their electronic time before. It’s not the greatest hit in my house either. That’s a great idea. Sugardoodle was awesome to put us on there. She’s a sweety.

  13. This is a great idea I would like to try with my kids.
    I have 2 ideas for the coupons:
    1. Pick your own bedtime.
    2. Hair cut professionally (not by Mom). You pick the style.

    • Becky, I was laughing out loud when I read yours and my oldest son asked what I was laughing about. So I told him and he said, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS to the hair cutting thing. With 5 boys I cut all their hair and it’s almost an assembly line style, not quite though. They all turn out great but Mom usually decides on the length, sometimes by accident and hopefully sometimes on purpose. Cale appreciated your suggestions.

  14. I only have little kids at home but looking back I would have loved a Friday night sleepover at home with no younger siblings bugging me or dinner with my best friend only having my parents pay for it. I love this website!!

    • Laura, thanks so much for the compliment. We LOVE sharing our ideas. Those are great suggestions and I love the little extra with the no siblings bugging me. Dinner with my best friend is something I look forward to doing as an adult. I am sure teenagers would LOVE the same thing as well. Thanks for the tips.

  15. I have 7 children 4 older a 9 year gap and then 3 younger 6,8,10. For the older kids how about a “Free Pass” kind of like a chore pass instead of a homework pass..only one every 2 weeks maybe, and Mom would pick up the chore or another sibling as a good deed and get a token :)– We never really did sleepovers once our kids hit 13-14- but we did allow them to have popcorn and a movie party–their friends 3-4, popcorn, movie or sporting event and a parent home. The other parent did something upstairs or somewhere else with the others. It is a great alternative to sleepovers. So glad I stumbled onto your site. I love it.

    • Thanks Jacqueline, Those are all great suggestions. I am sure your kids LOVED those late nights with their friends. I like the idea of the other parent taking responsibility for the other children so the person having the late night could enjoy it sibling free.

  16. I’m really liking this! My kids are all older, and I only have girls left at home, so I think that they would love to have their
    *laundry done
    *room vacuumed and bed made
    *chance to trade chores for the week
    *trip to the dollar store, 5 item limit
    *an evening out to the dollar theater with choice of family member or friend
    *pedicure/manicure by mom
    *back tickle/massage
    *chauffeur service for the non drivers for a day (or the car for the day for the drivers)
    *reading day

    I know that my girls would love these and there are others that have been mentioned that I think are fabulous too.
    I hope that

    • Deb, it looks like the last of what you were going to say got cut off. Those are all GREAT ideas! I just might have more than 12 more cards to fill in with what everyone has given me. I thought my inital teenager ones were pretty good but with all the additional ideas, this set might be a large one after all.

  17. I don’t have teens yet, but here are a few things I would have loved as a teen…

    1. Extended curfew for a day or weekend

    2. Get paid to baby sit the siblings one night (not much just $5-10), instead of doing it for free.

    • Again a great idea on the babysitting thing. I know some parents don’t pay their children for babysitting and some do. We do but at a lower rate. Well it’s on a scale really. If he does an excellent job it’s one rate, a good job is a lower rate and a poor job is even a lower rate. If it’s beyond poor than he did it for free. I bet my son would love to get paid at the babysitter rate, instead, for one night.

  18. I would love one for younger kids! Love this!

  19. Wow, we were just discussing this…how we need help with the jobs and the rewards…

  20. I love it, so hard to find things to motivate my big boys!

    I would suggest a movie theatre pass (we never go, so my kids would be in heaven)

    Or for kids who don’t get allowance a coupon for cash…

    Cannot wait to do my own!

    • Heather,
      Thanks for entering our giveaway. You suggestions were great ones. Our Youth set has some of those and some blank ones where you can write your own coupons too. ENOY!

  21. I have younger children, but two prizes they love include helping mom make your favorite meal or snack, and having a friend over after school for x hour(s). That is always so motivating. This is an awesome idea.

  22. I have an almost tween and a little one and I know they both love a trip to the dollar store and I give them a limit of $5 each when we go and they both love it!

  23. This looks amazing! I would LOVE to do this with my children. The only suggestion I can think of is a coupon for the Wii, my kids LOVE to play the wii. ANd there are 4 of them, so having “control” of the wii would be a very desired coupon!

  24. Great idea!! Love this.

    My teens would love an iTunes download. They’re way into music lately. 🙂

  25. i would LOVE to do less nagging! sounds like an awesome idea!

  26. I have some pre-teen grandchildren and I LOVE your Good Job Jar ideas! My grandkids would love to have a ‘movie at the theater’ reward! With the prices so high, a theater movie isn’t something they do very often. I would offer it either with a couple of friends or the family, and let them choose.

    • Bonna,
      Thank you for letting me know you are a grandparent and would still use these. I think more grandparents should. Yes, the price of movie tickets are way to expensive these days. Our family only goes to the Kaysville dollar theater and that’s only if the movie is good enough to pay the 3 dollar ticket price for. Otherwise we wait until it comes out on DVD. Sad but true. A trip to a real movie theatre would be a treat indeed.

  27. A pizza party with friends or a night out for bowling or putt putt golf.

  28. Good for:

    A new book!

  29. I would add movie passes, itunes cards, date night out with mom and dad, more time on the video game, these are a few of my kids favorite things!

  30. One of the rewards we love to give our kids is night at a hotel. It may sound crazy, but we live in Manti, and we love to travel up to Salt Lake and stay at the Holiday Inn Express with the Grins and Fins Waterpark in the Hotel! So they get swimming, all the breakfast they can eat and great family time.

  31. One that my kids love is going shopping with mom. That may sound weird but I work swing shift so I go while my kids are in school. They love going to wal mart to check out the new toys in the toy section.

    • Heather,
      That’s an interesting view point to bring up. What a great idea. My younger kids like to go shopping with me too and I usually say no if I have lots of stores to go to. Thanks!

  32. Depending on where you live, you could get tickets to a play or concert (perhaps a high school or college level production would be affordable) as a night out activity either with a friend or parent; also it would be fun to let them have a game night and invite their friends over.

  33. How about a driving lesson in the church or school parking lot.

  34. Is there any way you could e-mail me the youth ones I am having problems getting them to print from you link….thank you

    • Sure Emilee, it will have to be in 2 parts because the file is so large. Maybe even three parts. Have you tried downloading them directly from the blog, instead of printing from the link? I responded to an earlier persons response about this too. It was from Becky about 3 comments above this, I believe. Try those directions and if it still doesn’t work then email me at and I will email that to you.

  35. I would do a movie at the theater with a friend. Also one to get pop corn and soda at the movie.
    My kids are into sports so a ticket to a professional team of their choice.
    A video game.
    Shopping trip
    having a hang out at home where mom and dad leave them alone don’t monitor just stay in their bedroom.

  36. My girls and I love exploring thrift stores together. They would love a coupon for some spending money to go thrifting – to pick up a couple friends on the way would be great, too.

  37. How about stay up with Mom & Dad to watch a movie while the other siblings go to bed at their normal time or have a friend over for a few hours to play video games (this can be loud but the tv is all theirs for that time). For a teen girl- maybe a do it yourself pedicure/manicures with you and your daughter or even a spa treatment with supplies around the house (there are ideas online for facial masks, etc)

    • Robin,
      Oooooooo, that’s a good one where the siblings have to go to bed. Like a date night with Mom and Dad at home. Nice. Manicures and pedicures are things I didn’t think about because I have girls. Although when I originally started these I have a lot of good teenage girl coupons, just not this one.

  38. I’m a Grammie who absolutely LOVES your site-I start my day with it every day!!! You are really awesome!!
    I am making these Good Job Jars for each of my children’s families for Christmas-Here’s a couple of coupon suggestions:
    1-Front seat in the car for the day
    2-Phone call to Grandparents or favorite Aunt, Uncle or cousin
    Thanks Again!!!

    • Deb,

      Thank you so much for letting us know that Grammie’s enjoy our site too. We hoped that everyone would realize that the things we put on can help them one way or another in their life. You just proved it for something that would be labeled for those with young kids and yet, you showed us that Grandmas can use it just as well.

      I love the SHOTGUN idea. That is a coveted item in our household. I have also never thought about the phone call to a relative. Great ideas!!!

  39. My boy (12) loves dinner out at BJ’s restaurant or even “McDonalds” My daughter (15) loves frozen yogurt, or lunch with mom or dad. Since we are in San Diego they also love going for a beach walk and rock hunt or seashell hunt.

    • Gail,

      2 more great ideas. There are days when I wish we lived closer to a beach. Those are the days when I would love to let my 5 boys loose and watch them enjoy themselves tremendously.

  40. So love this whole idea, I have been looking for something just like this! Especially for my teenager who is the child I am having a hard time with right now. I have 2 ideas.(don’t know if someone mentioned either I didn’t have time to read all the other suggestions) iTunes money would be the first. The second is some kind of “get out of doing something you don’t want to do” coupon. Whether it be a chore or punishment babysitting, etc. You could make it very specific or broad. I think broad is better. You could make a fill in the blank and they could fill it in themselves before earning it. This one would work like a charm for my teenager since it is like pulling teeth to get him to do anything!

  41. Sorry thought of an add on to the coupon idea above. How about make mom do 1 thing for me I don’t want to do.

  42. I left a comment in the share box and not the comment box. I think that makes it so I wasn’t in the contest. 😦

  43. I have used this system for about 3 months now and can I just say, I LOVE IT!!! This has worked so well! My kids are excited for rewards and I am excited to not have to nag to get them to do chores and/or service with a smile. At first my oldest son was very unhappy about the program because he knew his helpful sister would earn more. He said, “but Mom, work is so not in my nature” ( he is 10). Funny. Now it is. Thank you, thank you, thank you, a million times, thank you!

    • Clara,

      Thank you sooooo much for letting us know. It is so exciting to see all the effort pay off when people try our Good Job Jar. We know it works we just have to get others to believe it too. You made my day just by telling us how much it has helped your family. THANK YOU!!!


  44. I’ve tried both download links and they are both the teenage cards. Is it possible to get the younger kids cards?

  45. Hi! Im in love with this blog, I couldnt Download the link to the younger age coupons, Is there any way you could email them? Keep blogging, youre awesome~

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