Thanksgiving Fun – Gratitude Placecards

This has to be one of my favorite blessing games we have done at Thanksgiving.  I loved it because everyone was able to write theirs down, place it in a basket and then as we gathered together before we sat down, we read them and had to guess who wrote what one.  As they were claimed, the person then wrote their name on the card and placed it on the table where they were going to sit.  It was amazing to listen to everyone’s blessings that year, young and old alike.  Tricia made it up and she did, once again, a fabulous job on her graphic designs.

What a talented woman!!!!

You could even have a prize for the person who guesses the most correct cards!  After our Thanksgiving Dinner I gathered all of the place cards and put them in my scrapbook.  I can still go back and read what everyone wrote after many years later.

Placecards Combined.pdf

Green 4 up Placecards.pdf

Blue 4 up Placecards.pdf

Burgundy 4 up Placecards.pdf

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