Fun Friday – Thanksgiving Cup Labels

One of my pet peeves at family gatherings is actually finding my child’s cup after going through the many many cups on the counter.  Also have you ever tried to write a name on a plastic cup when there wasn’t a marker present?  Yah!  Doesn’t really work that well.  If you do have a marker and your young child finds it before you, there might be more marker on their hand and clothes than on the cup.  Big disaster.  In 2008 I had a big family get together for Thanksgiving.  Using Tricia’s amazing graphics she designed for Thanksgiving,  I made cup labels.  Each person wrote their name on theirs


they sat down to dinner.  Everyone loved it.  They felt free to get drinks and set their cup places without worrying they would just have to get a new cup later on.  It saved plastic, confusion, and probably some hands too!  Do you love it????

I DO!!!!

So here they are, just for your enjoyment to use at your family gatherings this Thanksgiving season!  I made these to fit 8160 Address labels, so you can print them right off on your label.  If anyone would like a different size, then comment on this post and I will see what I can do for you.  No guarantees.

I even made them so you can fill in the names ahead of time and then print them out.  (In case you prefer typed over your own handwriting, which I do.)

Watch for our Gratitude Place Cards and a game that correlates with this design!  Coming Soon!!!

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  1. I was wondering if you could make a version that does not have a date so that I can use it multiple years. Thanks!

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