FHE Lessons – A Forest of Testimonies

I was so impressed with so many talks at our recent General Conference.  As the words came and I listened to them, the Holy Ghost put ideas in my mind of Family Home Evening Lessons that could be created from these wonderful words from our Heavenly Father.

Elder Jay E. Jensen’s talk during the Sunday Morning Session was one of those.  What a wonderful inspirational talk about the Holy Ghost and how our testimonies can grow.  I LOVED how he said, “From that experience I witnessed the results of Alma’s counsel to “awake and arouse [my] faculties . . . to [conduct] an experiment upon [His] words” (Alma 32:27). These words or seeds have grown into trees, indeed giant trees of testimony. The process continues with more experiments upon the word, resulting in additional trees of testimony, now a veritable forest based on revelation through and by the Holy Ghost.”

I had never thought of my individual bits of knowledge I have about different things in the gospel can relate to an individual tree that can become a forest as I let them continue to grow and the Holy Ghost testifies to me of their truths.  IT IS TRUE!  Each new experience that we gain in our lives lets our testimonies to grow.  I am sure each one of you could testify strongly of an individual concept in the church that has touched your life: The Atonement, The Second Coming, Prayer, Faith, Temples, Tithing, Baptism, and so forth.  These are all individual trees that have been planted in your heart that become a strong forest in your life to help you weather the wind and tempests that come at you.  As your forest grows larger, you can withstand those elements that could otherwise make your trees fall, if they stood individually on their own.  What a wonderful image in my mind that gives me more strength to withstand the temptations of the adversary.  So powerful!

I have included a forest background and individual trees that your family can write their topics on.  Watch and see how each persons individual trees become a forest really quick.  I recommend having a background for each person, so they can see just how big their forest really is.  Sometimes just the visual picture can strengthen some one’s spirit into realizing how much they actually believe and know to be true.

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