PLUCK…The Turkey!


This is a Thanksgiving Hangman

and a great way to get pre-teens and teens

involved in the day’s activities.

You have to use words that have to do with this

specific holiday.

(OK…you don’t have to, but it’s definitely more fun!)

Instead of slowly hanging a stick figure,

you will be plucking the turkey.

If you guess the word before all your feathers are gone…


If NOT…You’re the Thanksgiving Dinner!

Above is a picture of the word card.

This page is laminated so that dry erase markers can be used.

Here’s the Plucked Turkey:

Here are His Feathers:

The Game Also Comes With An Instruction Card:

The PDF prints out to be an 11″x17″

so it can be used in larger groups.

I also did a smaller version so that you can

print it from home.

Here is the 11″x17″ PDF file:

Here’s the 8″x10″ PDF:

Good Luck!

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