Fun Friday – Thanksgiving Tablecloth Tradition

Many years ago, I can’t even remember what year I wanted to start this tradition with my family and my husbands family that we went to visit every other year for Thanksgiving.  Instead of forgetting the blessings that we were grateful for that year, I wanted to be able to see them every year as we sat down together as a family.  Thus, the Thanksgiving tablecloth was started.  Using a fall like fabric, I cut out leaf shapes and then attached them to a neutral color tablecloth using the wonder under, or fusible web.  Using a fabric marker we all took turns writing our grateful items on the leaves.  Now every year as we pull out the tablecloth, we get to be reminded of our past blessings and miracles.  I LOVE IT!!  It gives me such a warm feeling.  Even spreading it out to take pictures, my children were surrounding the table reading the things they had written.

This washes up really well and has had many things spilled on it.  No stains to show.  I LOVE it!  Did I mention that? 😉

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  1. I love this idea! Happy Thanksgiving! :0)

    • THANK YOU!!!!! I love it too. Have fun making your own! I think I will add some leaf templates in case people want to make it themselves. Sometimes it’s hard finding the right templates. What do you think?

  2. Thank you for this idea!! What a wonderful way to remember what Thanksgiving is about. Also great way to start a tradition and have a record of it:)

    • Thank you so much Amy! We have loved it. When family members pass away, it will be a much cherished item to have as we sit around the table and remember what they were grateful for in year’s past.

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